Smoove Lube Enters U.S. Market

“One Application” Lube Proven at Cape Epic, Ready for Global Domination

(Monterey, CA) April 14, 2016 – – Smoove™, the number one bike lube from South Africa, is coming to America to obliterate the crowded field of competitors now filling up the counters at your local bike shop. Find out why at Sea Otter Booth 850 by the Food Court (and Sierra Nevada tent!).

Formulated to work in all conditions, Smoove lasts over six times as long as its nearest rival. Developed for the dusty, hot, muddy, AND wet rigors of the Cape Epic MTB Stage Race, when applied correctly, Smoove repels water, seals the dust out, and keeps lubricating for up to nearly 200 miles between chain treatments.

“While many competitors at the Cape Epic were bringing a small lube bottle in their jersey and lubing up after every creek crossing,” states Ruan Deyzel, Founder of Smoove, “when they prepped their chain the night before with Smoove, they didn’t have to re-lube for the complete stage.” Now many of the athletes sponsored by other brands buy and use Smoove instead. It’s the “Secret Sauce” of the Cape Epic pits.


Not only is the lube superior, the precision Needle Nozzle and the Ovalized bottle shape help control the flow of Smoove directly to the chain links, while the lube itself searches for gaps to lube between the links and pins. Let it sit for an hour, or preferably overnight, and voila! you’ve got the best lubed chain in the business.


Even the counter top display is head and shoulders above the competition. Test marketing at Dave Lettieri’s Fastrak Bicycles in Santa Barbara has seen him go through a couple of cases in no time. Dave knows what’s up and Smoove is pushing those other competitors off of the shelf.

Trust us, we’ve got this. The best lube on the planet. Smoove. Booth 850

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