Snuggle Up With Your Valentine In The Mountainsmith Loveland

I can‘t think of anything I like better than spending time with my special guy. We‘re always looking for new and fun ways to enjoy each other‘s company. One of our favorite activities is camping. I love lying under the stars with his arms wrapped around me.

Mountainsmith Loveland double-wide sleeping bag

One thing I‘ve never loved about camping though is the sleeping part. Mostly because of the fact that I get so cold I can rarely get any sleep. I am what some people refer to as a ‘˜cold sleeper‘. I‘m cold in general but I tend to sleep with a giant fluffy comforter, even in the middle of July. It‘s usually a good idea for people like me to assume that when a sleeping bag is rated for 15 degrees, it really means I can use it in about 35 – 40 degree temperatures. But much to my surprise, I have finally found a sleeping bag that truly fixes that for me! The appropriately named Loveland is a double-wide, relaxed shaped, mummy bag. It‘s great for me because I no longer have to count on my own body heat to warm the inside of my sleeping bag, because I’m no longer alone in my sleeping bag.

The Loveland has a temperature rating of 30 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) thanks to the MountainLoft™Hollowfibers. It has 60/40 insulation differential (60% of the insulation is on top / 40% is on the bottom). Make sure you use a sleeping pad underneath your bag because no matter how great the bag is, you‘re going to get cold without that pad. The Loveland features a double mummy shape, and has a buckle in the middle of the hoods. So if you choose to, you can separate your heads and adjust the hoods to fit snugly around your head. But remember, you lose about 40% -50% of your body heat through your head. You‘ll need to use the hood to achieve the temperature rating of the bag.

This bag is made to fit two people with a height up to 6‘ 4” and a combined shoulder girth of 136”. It has a two way YKK® zipper that goes from the shoulder to the feet on both sides, meaning there is a zipper pull tab on both the head and foot ends of the zipper and a Velcro strap at the top so that you don‘t accidentally unzip yourself. The sleeping bag weighs 10 lbs (4.5 kgs) and it comes with a cotton stuff sack. The storage sack is over-sized for the bag when you first get it, but after unrolling and re-rolling it, it fits perfectly. That’s a huge plus for those of us that have a hard time figuring out how to compress the bag to the size it was when it was new.

When you‘re ready to get your own Loveland or want to check out the rest of their products, visit


*Valentine’s Day tip for camping couples: Whether you‘re sleeping in your own sleeping bag or sharing a double-wide with your loved one, the less clothes you have on, the warmer you will be!

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