SockGuy Adds More Fun To Their Expanding Selection

SockGuy I Heart Beer

We’re a bit obsessed with technical socks. In the 2+ years that we’ve been reviewing them, we’ve met with many big and small brands, and gained a wealth of knowledge about different construction techniques, the use of natural versus man-made fibers, and how important good socks can be to both health and performance. Even Mrs. Outsider can rattle off the benefits of Merino as well as synthetics, and how many needles a Sangiacomo knitting machine utilizes. We know socks. Of course, our job is to save you the trouble of having to learn all that, and just explain what to look for in your next pair. With that, we bring you some of the new additions to the SockGuy Spring 2013 line, which are as functional as they are fun.

SockGuy Caffeine or Death

All of the socks we tested were a mix of 75% micro denier acrylic, 15% nylon, and 10% Spandex. As much as we love Merino, it’s still possible to make an excellent sock without it. Acrylic is used for a sock that is soft to the skin, fairly durable, and allows for wicking of moisture away from the skin. Nylon is generally added for strength, so your socks last longer. Finally, Spandex contributes to a sock’s ability to stretch, which ensures a good fit across the endless variety of foot shapes. Because these synthetics don’t absorb moisture, they dry quickly, which helps prevent blisters. By varying the density of the stitching, such as with a mesh across the top, your feet also stay cooler as well as dry, robbing bacteria of the warm damp environment it needs to multiply. (Cotton socks don’t really provide any of those benefits, which is why we mostly recommend them for polishing your bike).

SockGuy Butterfly 2013

Now that we know what they’re made of, and what they are supposed to do, we’ll get to fit and comfort. Thanks to their Stretch-To-Fit™sizing, SockGuy socks can cover men’s size 5-9 or 9-13 and women’s 6-10 or 10-14 with either their S/M or L/XL options. If you wear a men’s 9 or women’s 10, you should probably try one of each, to see which feels better. The L/XL fit my size 12 feet perfect, and our female contributors from sizes 7-9 all praised the fit too.  Tall or short, the cuff was snug without feeling overly-restrictive. Heel and toe stitching was virtually imperceptible. Channel Air styles provide extra padding mixed in with four cooling channels, for maximum comfort when running. We tested all of them while walking, running, cycling, and even at the office. At the end of each day, they were surprisingly dry, and no one experienced any bunching. That’s really all we could ask for.

SockGuy Pink Mask

Well, there’s actually one more thing. SockGuy may get the prize for the funnest line. Their current designs run into the hundreds, with more than 40 new ones available this year. If you want cool, dry, blister-free feet, while at the same time expressing yourself, you really should throw a few pairs of SockGuy socks into your mix. As you can see from the included images, there’s no shortage of designs for men and women. Keep in mind that SockGuy socks are made in the USA, carry a one year warranty, and the packaging is recyclable. We can’t think of a reason not to own several pairs.

– Brian

I’d like to extend a special thank you not just to SockGuy for providing a variety of socks, but also to our contributors that put them through such thorough testing. They tried hard to find a weakness, and none could be found. If there were any complaints, it’s that everyone had a hard time choosing even just a dozen favorites from the extensive designs available.

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I have been wearing SockGuy socks since the company began. There are no other socks that fit better, are more comfortable and have the best designs!! Everybody needs to buy these socks… will never buy another brand!

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