SockGuy is Offering Over 45 New Styles for Spring

SockGuy I Love Haters sock

SockGuy has released over 45 new styles of sock goodness for spring this year. Stylish, comfortable socks that really perform is SockGuy‘s specialty. My family has been wearing several varieties of socks from SockGuy and I can say that we really like them. These socks fit my feet well, perform great, and look good.

SockGuy offers a variety of products in many types and intended uses. With sports socks, dress socks, hiking socks, warm and cold weather socks and more you can find a sock to fit your needs. Features like the Stretch to Fit System ensure the sock will hug your feet, and with double stitched toes and heels, you know the socks are built to last. Quality materials that perform well are used to provide the performance you would expect from the different product lines.

SockGuy Weiner Dog sock

I Love Haters is one of the new styles that caught my eye. I just love the message. These socks have a six inch crew cuff and who doesn‘t love haters? The SGX Sriracha is another great one and at the risk of being cliché©‘ they should spice up your wardrobe.

SockGuy Lip Smacker sock

Weiner Dog and Lip Smacker are a couple of great low cut socks for the girls.

Right in the middle with a three inch cuff, Rich Cat and Creeper are a couple more good looking pairs.

I use the Dragon cycling socks myself and can say that this style works great.

SockGuy Rich Cat sock

I‘ve also used the performance crew socks as well as SockGuys‘ SGX line. I‘ve been well pleased with these and found them to be comfortable and durable.

SockGuy Creeper sock

With so many styles and designs, SockGuy is sure to make something for the person who needs some cool comfort for their feet. Shorts season is upon us, so get yourself some today. Start a new fashion trend by wearing socks with your flip flops! Umm, maybe not.

Prices on these socks range from $10.95 to $12.95 per pair. Check out to see the whole line of quality socks that SockGuy offers.

– Mark

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