SockGuy Turbowool Socks – Fun for your Feet

SockGuy Turbowool Red Star Crew Sock

SockGuy may be the exception to the rule of no one brand having everything we could want in a sock. Their Turbowool socks have all the benefits of a Merino sock, plus they offer fun graphics, which is the one place most other brands seem to let us down. After we spent some time in their Turbowool line, I feel like their motto should be something along the lines of “No extra charge for fun”.

SockGuy Turbowool River Sock

Turbowool is a 50/50 mix of Merino wool and polypropylene, which gives their socks the ability to keep your feet warm in the winter, and cool in the summer. Each sock is 75% Turbowool, plus 15% nylon for wear, and 10% Spandex for the best fit. Unlike pure Merino, this mix is more durable (it is actually five times as strong), so they are made to last. On top of all that, they can wick moisture really well, to help keep you dry and blister-free in all sorts of weather. At the heel and toe, you will find double stitching, for long life. And the upper is mesh, to keep your feet cool.

SockGuy Turbowool Monkey Sock

Other features built into each sock include the Easy-Fit cuff and Stretch-To-Fit sizing system. Stretch-To-Fit is their two size ranges: S/M fits men’s 5-9, and women’s 6-10, while the L/XL fits men’s 9-13, and women’s 10-14. Those ranges are euro sizes 37-42 and 43-48. This allows SockGuy to simplify their inventory, as there are only two sizes to produce with this feature. We think that this is great for your local shop, as they don’t have to stock as many sizes, but it probably also helps to keep the price a wee bit lower, a nice benefit for the end user.

SockGuy Turbowool IPA Sock

SockGuy was kind enough to send us their Red Star, River 6″, Monkey 3″, IPA, and Lightning socks for this review. Graphics may not offer any extra performance, but they do let us express our personality. And that’s one of the reasons we like SockGuy so much. They nailed the technical side of socks, and follow up with unique art. This is not our first review of them, but this is the first time we shared them with some sock noobs. It’s fun to watch folks pick the ones that suit them, and even better when they try them on. At the end of a long day of hiking, they have a new-found appreciation for what goes into these socks.

SockGuy Turbowool Lightning Sock

As we would expect, the socks held up great, and fit was perfect. Over the course of about two weeks, we spent three days camping in a national park, went on some long hikes, had a day fishing trip, and an overnight fishing trip. Each day was spent taking advantage of the long hours that the sun stays out in Alaska, so the socks got a good workout. The Turbowool socks were the thinner of the two styles we wore during this trip, and they were just as popular as the thicker socks. Despite all the time spent in them, there were no complaints of blisters, or being too hot or cold. While good boots are key, it’s what you put between them and your foot that can make a difference as well. And SockGuy did not let us down. Visit for more info, and to see the nearly unlimited graphic options they offer.

– Brian


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Sweet. Definitely checking this out! I have one pair of Sock Guys’ socks from my IMBA membership but I need more!


I tried these but the DeFeet Woolies fit better and just feel lighter to me. Easier to pull on and off. DeFeet also has a 100% Merino sock.


SockGuy socks are the best! Long lasting, super comfortable and tons of fun designs.

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