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I’m going to try something new today. After doing a quick web search to see what might be of interest to cyclists, I thought I’d try consolidating it into one post. If comments are favorable, I’ll try to make this a daily post.

Good news if you’re planning on cycliing in France. Under the European Rivers Cycle Route, France is expanding all sorts of road, paths and tracks for cyclists. In the Loire Valley alone, the expansion includes a planned 800 kilometers. Cher and Loiret get about 60km, and there is even a 662-metre-long steel bridge, designed by Gustave Eiffel. I hope it’s not leaning. Burgundy’s exisiting 600km is growing to 800km.

In Vista, California, Brian Stephen Carnes is being charged with murder and hit-and-run for allegedly hitting and killing a cyclist then leaving the scene. It’s nice to see a judge that’s not afraid to call it like it is. According to the news article I read, the guy’s BAC was 0.26. Of course, his attorney argued that maybe the cyclist swerved into traffic. No explanation as to why Mr. Carnes felt the need to drive off and have his truck washed. When he was arrested, he never even asked about the condition of Jeannie Franklin, who died of head trauma and a severed spinal cord. My condolences to her family.

On a lighter note, Bello the clown got his circus bike back. News reports vary, but from what I gather, he decided to put on a little free show in NYC, and when he was done, he left without his bike. We all know an unlocked bike in the Big Apple doesn’t stay in one place too long. But someone found it outside a restaurant, and returned it, earning himself a $1,000 reward. Not bad for a bike described as made in Mexico about 12 years ago. Worth more than a VW Beetle of the same vintage and origin.

Finally, some geek news. Bianchi is using thinkiD DesignXpressions(TM) software from think3 Inc.(R) to design their new carbon fiber frames. This will allow them to cut the development time by 50%. So your next Bianchi will have been created and virtually tested on a computer many times over, long before it finds a place under your butt.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these snippets. I’ve got some cool product reviews on the way too.

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Keep ’em coming!


Brian got exactly what he deserves! Hope he rots in jail for what he did and my heart goes out to the family for their loss. He had no business being behind the wheel of a car, drunk belongs in jail for life! How dare they make the assumption in a report that the victim veered into his car, how about the truth…he is an alchoholic and drunk and he is GUILTY!

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