SPORTIQUE Helps World Bicycle Relief Promote Worldwide 2-Wheel Independence

With this being National Bike Month, where we celebrate by doing things like riding our bicycles to work, even if  we happen to have a car in the garage, I found this press release both relevant and thought-provoking. While many may view the bicycle as a toy, piece of sporting equipment, or the transport of choice only for students and those of low income,  (yes, we know better, don’t we?) they are sometimes the only affordable and viable means of transport in third-world nations. So we at IndustryOutsider wholeheartedly back this generous program.

– Brian


NEW YORK -SPORTIQUE, the popular maker of active body and skin care products, is celebrating its seventh year of success by kicking off a fund-raising effort to benefit World Bicycle Relief, the well-regarded organization dedicated to providing access to independence and livelihood through the use of bicycles in underdeveloped countries, announced SPORTIQUE U.S. Director Jan Pivoda.

From May 1 through July 30, 2012, purchasers of of SPORTIQUE Century Riding & Chamois cream (SKU-28) or SPORTIQUE Warming Up Massage Oil (SKU-060), will receive a 25 percent discount off the retail price ($20 for the cream, $10 for the oil).  More importantly, every dollar from the sales of these two products will be donated to World Bicycle Relief.  Yes, every dollar.

SPORTIQUE’s alliance with World Bicycle Relief was an easy decision, Pivoda said, based on the organizations history and effectiveness.

“We like to think of SPORTIQUE as a conscientious, socially driven, and responsible organization -with a sense of responsibility to give something back,” explained Pivoda. “World Bicycle Relief is an effective, transparent, and well-performing organization, one that believes in the textbook example of teaching people how to farm and fish to sustain their existence rather than merely leaving them with handouts.”

Participating in the program is easy.  Simply visit  and purchase directly, one or more tubes of SPORTIQUE Century Riding & Chamois Cream or SPORTIQUE Warming Up Massage Oil  using  the special coupon code of WBR582012.  You can also send order to , using the same code   And, yes the coupon code is transferable.

Additionally, you can email or  and get an extra 25 percent discount off your next purchase of SPORTIQUE products for you and your team, valid for the next few months.

SPORTIQUE Century Riding & Chamois Cream prevents damaging friction irritations during sports activities, such as cycling. Made from a balanced blend of botanicals, it helps skin repair itself after damage, but more importantly prevents long term friction irritations before they start. Can be used under dry and wet scuba gear, surfing and kayak suits, and biking shorts. Even works great when applied under socks before hiking or skiing.

SPORTIQUE Warming Up Massage Oil is a special formulation that produces long lasting warmth and stimulating effect on muscles. Application will help accelerate local blood circulation. Perfect for massages before, during or after physical performance to counteract fatigue and help physical recovery.

For more information on World Bicycle Relief and its innovative social responsible approach, visit You can donate directly at the site, as well.


SPORTIQUE products are created for and by physically active people. Formulated especially for the demands of any sport, our products are as pure as competition itself. Bodies in motion want to stay in motion and SPORTIQUE echoes that demand. SPORTIQUE products are formulated with natural ingredients, free of petroleum or synthetic ingredients, which can be potential carcinogens or toxic to your body. We use safe botanicals and naturally moisturizing oils and nut butters.  SPORTIQUE products are rigorously evaluated and have been awarded certificates of compliance with the strict European Union’s hypoallergenic, microbiological and effectiveness laws and regulations. The remedies we rely on have been used for hundreds of years by our ancestors who turned to nature to ease, soften and soothe their skin.

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