Sports Nutrition Handbook Busts Myths, Simplifies Food and Fueling for Athletes

Boulder, CO, USA ‘” May, 2019 ‘” All athletes want access to good information when it comes to sports nutrition. Sports Nutrition Handbook: Eat Smart. Be Healthy. Get on Top of Your Game. unpacks the most important nutrition and hydration concepts so that any athlete can easily make sense of their nutrition needs. With this helpful guide, athletes will be armed with sound science and useful tools to improve their diet and performance. Sports Nutrition Handbook is now available in bookstores and online. For a preview, visit

Why do I bonk? How much water should I drink each day? How many carbs should I eat and when? What is a good fat? Athletes are asking these questions all the time and not always sure where to turn for simple, accurate answers.

Sports Nutrition Handbook is a handy reference guide that answers the most commonly asked sports nutrition questions. This guide breaks down carbs, proteins, and fats; recommends daily intake based on body weight; answers common nutrition questions that apply to a variety of sports; and offers nutrient-rich recipes and sample meal plans to put good sports nutrition into practice. Sports Nutrition Handbookmakes better fueling simple so athletes can be stronger and healthier.


Sports Nutrition Handbook: Eat Smart. Be Healthy. Get on Top of Your Game.
Sports Nutrition Handbook: Eat Smart. Be Healthy. Get on Top of Your Game.

Sports Nutrition Handbook: Eat Smart. Be Healthy. Get on Top of Your Game.
Justyna Mizera and Krzysztof Mizera
Paperback with two-color interior and charts and tables throughout.
6’³ x 8’³ x 9/16’³, 232 pp., $18.95, 9781937715977

Justyna Mizera, MA, is a sports nutritionist who has developed more than one thousand diets for athletes in various sports. She has worked with 30 world championship medalists and Olympians’”but also everyday athletes and children. She is the author of numerous scientific and popular-science articles. Krzysztof Mizera, PhD, is a sport physiologist and personal trainer. He works with leading athletes and amateurs in the fields of training, weight loss, motor skills improvement, performance testing, and nutrition.

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