Spotlight Rescue LED Light And Super Charger

Last month, we reviewed the Shifter 1.0 and 2.0 from Spotlight, and found them to be handy little lights. But Spotlight also has some impressive rechargeable lights with noteworthy features. In keeping with the National Preparedness Month theme, here’s a couple of products that can help you be prepared at home and while traveling.

Spotlight Super Charger LED recharageable light and battery with USB portsFirst up is the $59.95 Spotlight Super Charger. This clever light plugs into an AC outlet and quietly charges until the power goes out, then its 35 lumen LED lights up to make it easy to find. A built-in stobe mode makes you easy to find. That alone is nice, but hardly anything to get excited about. (Unless you happen to be reading this in the dark, on your laptop, while the power is out. Then it sounds pretty sweet) So Spotlight kicked it up a notch. There’s an internal 1800mAh battery which will power the light for up to eight hours. But we suspect most users won’t use it for that. Because on either size of the lens is a handy USB port. Yes, two USB ports. So if the power is out for an extended period of time, you can still charge your cell phone or other important devices. A battery that size should top off most phones, providing the necessary backup for extended outages. And it goes without saying that the Super Charger is perfect for throwing into your backpack on your next day hike or overnighter, in case you need to recharge on the go. Dual purpose at its finest.

Spotlight Rescue rechargeable LED flashlightThe $59.95 Spotlight Rescue is a more traditional style LED flashlight, but it also has a unique design twist. This light is charged through your vehicle’s 12 volt accessory outlet. Yes, that hole in the dashboard once referred to as a cigarette lighter is now used almost exclusively for powering or charging our small electronics. The Rescue fits standard outlets, and includes an adapter for non-standard ones as well. Light output is 96 lumens, good for about 100 meters, with a one hour run time on a full charge. It’s water and impact resistant, and includes a safety strobe function. We really like the idea of plugging it in and leaving it there until it’s needed. Not having to dig through the glove box is a plus, as is not worrying about your light having dead batteries. It’s also bright enough to use as a cycling headlight, with their Barkeep rubber handlebar mount. Illuminate the road when dark, and leave it on strobe for added visibility when it’s lighter out. And you can still charge it at work,  school, or home with their USB adapter. Like many flashlights today, it has shallow diamond knurling on the body for grip, and some aggressive grooves machined into the head, which is also the switch. Some of the edges on our evaluation model were a bit sharp, but not sharp enough to cut our hands. The design allows for a comfortable hold between the thumb and forefinger, making it easy to active the switch as well. If you’re into car camping, it’s a handy spare light. And although the run time may limit its usefulness, the convenience of always being charged is something that can’t be overlooked.

Look for a follow up article next month on both lights, along with another model from Spotlight, plus a giveaway. You can see the full line now at

– Brian

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