Spotlight Shifter 3.0

As much as I really don‘t want to admit it, I drop everything. My phone is usually the unfortunate victim of my clumsy nature, but it’s not alone. Flashlights are far from safe when it comes to my dropping abilities. I have dropped and broken a couple of flashlights in my day, which is incredibly unfortunate when I‘m out for a walk, or hiking a trail in the middle of the night. Lucky for me, on a recent evening hike I took with me the Spotlight Shifter 3.0. It‘s got an aircraft-grade aluminum casing, comes with an unbreakable LED, and on top of all that, offers one meter drop resistance! Plus, it‘s water resistant. So even though I dropped this poor flashlight into a stream, it was still able to light the rest of my way.

This well built flashlight fits comfortably in my hand and was easy to grip. It was a little heavier than I had expected but for me it is entirely worth it for the durability. It came packaged with three AAA Duracell batteries which you can expect to last for about 3.5, depending on which settings you use. Even with batteries so small, the output is an incredible 200 Lumens and it throws its beam a distance of 200 meters!

Spotlight Shifter 3.0 LED flashlight

The convenient twist focus feature was very easy for me to use; it smoothly changes from a spotlight, for more concentrated lighting, to a flood light, so that you are able to have a wider range of vision. It can be twisted with only one hand but it is easier to use with two. Another neat feature is the three step power control. This enables you to select between high, low or safety strobe by pressing the power button on and off until you have reached your desired setting. The rubber power button, located on the tail cap is easy to push in, but offers just enough resistance to prevent you from accidentally turning it on when you don‘t need it.

The Spotlight Shifter 3.0 has a two piece Reflector Lens System (RLS) that separates it from other flashlights in its class. The patented Reflector Lens System technology makes for a more durable lens and protects it from occasional drops that occur with flashlight use. It also has an aluminum reflector which absorbs 20% to 30% of the LED‘s output. It creates a higher efficiency in directing the LED‘s output and provides a second working heat sink. The Shifter Series from Spotlight has the LED in an aluminum cooling tower with the aluminum reflector allowing additional cooling that yields a light that is 15% to 25% brighter and lasts 10% to 15% longer than other lights available.

Overall, the Spotlight Shifter 3.0 is a very handy flashlight to keep around, whether you‘re storing it in your drawer for emergencies or taking it with you when you spend time outdoors. If it included a lanyard loop and lanyard, it would be perfect for me. Otherwise, it‘s a potent little light that doesn‘t mind if you toss it around a bit, and is definitely worth checking out.

You can visit to learn more about the Shifter 3.0 and Spotlight brand’s other products as well.

– Heather

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