Stanley Classic Vacuum Growler

Did I want to review the 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler from Stanley? Of course! Way back in the day, my dad had a Stanley vacuum bottle, and I remember it well. He liked their products not just for the quality, but because his name happened to be Stanley. Fast forward 30+ years, and I’ve inherited a ton of stuff with that brand name on it. I have also bought my own. And the folks at Stanley have sent over some nice pieces for us to review as well. One thing is for certain though – the classic hammertone green is still around, but this ain’t my dad’s Stanley.

Most companies will tell you their growler is great for hot or cold drinks, so you can carry coffee, tea, or even water in it. Yeah, we have vacuum bottles for that stuff too. But Stanley makes no such claims. This $50 (MSRP) growler is for beer. You can choose from two hammertone colors – green or navy. It’s got a bit handle to make it easy to carry and pour. The big mouth lets your brewer fill it with ease, and it’s easy to clean too. The 18/8 body is double walled, for vacuum insulation. The lid is insulated with foam, with the inner portion made of stainless steel, so nothing but steel makes contact with your beer. It locks solid, and seals tight.

64oz Classic Vacuum Growler from Stanley
64oz Classic Vacuum Growler from Stanley

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In order to verify their claim of keeping beer cold for up to 24 hours, we devised a simple test. Early in the evening, we went to Wasatch Brewery, our favorite brew pub, and after some delicious appetizers, had them fill the 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler with one of their famed brews. It went into the fridge when we got home, and the following morning, was packed into a cooler bag. And then we drove to Vegas. It’s important to note that you can BYOB across most state lines, with Utah being one of the big exceptions, but that’s about importing, not exporting. Anyway, we met some friends for dinner, and before we ate, we popped open the growler. Sure enough, our beer was still ice cold, and as refreshing as the fresh beer on tap the night before. Success!

Stanley has been around since 1913, and has been trusted by those who work and play hard. Whether at the office, a construction site, road trip, lake side, or the family cabin, millions of people have relied on the Stanley vacuum bottle in one form or another to keep drinks, soups, and more hot or cold. Their 64oz Classic Vacuum Growler is perfect for a night (or camping trip) with friends. That’s four pints of your favorite beer. And yes, it’s also eight, 8 ounce cups of coffee on your next fishing trip. Stick around for more reviews of some of the other great new products from Stanley. If you can’t wait for our reviews, just visit to see it all now.


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