Stoptix Bicycle Brake Light

Last month, at Interbike, I saw the Stoptix Bicycle Brake Light. While at the MechOptix booth, I spoke with Jeff Hammock, the guy that created this little light. It’s the first bicycle light that I’ve seen which is an actual brake light. And thanks to some fancy tech, its operation is seamless and automatic.

Inside the light is your usual battery, LED bulbs, and circuit board. But it’s also got an accelerometer, just like the one inside your phone. And that’s the bit of hardware that makes the difference. Because in addition to flashing patterns, the Stoptix will recognize when you apply your brakes, and instantly light up. Check out this video, where Jeff gives you some background, and cyclists demonstrate the light.


Clearly, this is a smart product, for the smart cyclist. If you’re a commuter, it gets the attention of motorists whenever you slow down. And in group rides, you can see the advantages. While I don’t expect that it will show up in pro pelotons any time soon, it can make riding in packs much safer. Either way, it offers some extra visibility that you won’t get from other lights.

Don’t be fooled by the simple looks of this light. It has a 140 degree angle of view, much wider than the 90 degrees required for on-road use. And the entire unit is water-resistant, even the USB port. If you’re a weight-weenie, the 50 grams may or may not be a deal-breaker for you. But in terms of safety, that’s an easy choice. If I rode in traffic much, this would be high on my list of lights to get.

Even if you don’t back their Kickstarter, keep an eye out for this light. No doubt, some of us will be riding safer when it becomes available.


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