Stuffitts Revisited

It’s been nearly two years since my review of Stuffitts Shoe Savers. In that time, they’ve been hard at work developing new products. At Interbike 2011 in Las Vegas this past September, they showed off Stuffitts for cleats, helmets, and even gloves.

These new products represent a natural progression for a company that’s based on the idea of controlling odor and moisture in our footwear, be it every day shoes, or sports-specific. Moisture is the enemy that allows bacteria to flourish, and it’s bacteria that leads to unpleasant smells. That moisture also causes the breakdown of leather and fibers, shortening the useful lifetime of gear that is usually not inexpensive.

The fabric used in Stuffitts is dual-wicking and anti-microbial, so it absorbs the dampness and odors. The cedar stuffing naturally performs that same action, while leaving behind a pleasant scent. So applying that to your cycling helmet or expensive gloves keeps them not only smelling fresh, but makes them last longer too. And since Stuffitts are reusable, they can even save you money in the long run. With winter upon us, they’re also great for throwing into your wet shoes or boots, as they’ll dry them faster than air alone, making them an excellent, environmentally sound gift.

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– Brian

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