Sugarpine Air Mesh Hikers

Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh
Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh

When we asked my daughter what kind of boots we should get her for our trip to Alaska, she mentioned the Sugarpine Air Mesh from Ahnu. She really liked the Sugarpine boots her mom had reviewed back in 2013, and the Sugarpine Air Mesh came in one of her favorite colors. At first, I was concerned that she chose them on color alone, but then she told me that she knew they would offer comfort and support, and that the soles were from Vibram, so they would be good for the hiking we would be doing. Once I got over my shock (and pride), I agreed to reach out to Ahnu for a pair.

With its mesh upper, the Sugarpine Air Mesh breathes well to help your feet stay cool. That also keeps the weight down. There is some leather and suede as well, which provides a little accent color while also being waterproof. More mesh inside wicks away moisture from your feet when the going gets hot. A nylon shank allows them to have a low profile, while still being rigid and supportive. And of course, that Vibram outsole not only offers great traction, but the bevel on the lugs practically repel mud. So more than just a pretty boot, it’s got some technical features too.

Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh
Ahnu Sugarpine Air Mesh

Before our trip, we sent her to work in them a couple of times. She had no complaints after being on her feet for 8 hours, and this gave her some time to fine-tune her fit with just the right socks. Now, 8 hours in a retail store is not the same as 8+ hours in a national park with a light pack on your back all day. But she had no complaints there either. Terrain consisted of loose and hard-packed flat trails with small some rocks. On our second day, we took the tour out to the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. This includes a 3 mile hike (1.5 miles down, and then back up) on some terrain that was described in the tour guide as “strenuous”. Not too steep, but some loose gravel, taking you down to pumice, ash, and even two small rivers. A pretty thorough test of their comfort and traction. Again, they held up well, she stayed upright, and no complaints. During the rest of our trip, there was plenty more hiking on hard rock, lots of steps, and at least one trip across a beach to fish at night. The Sugarpine Air Mesh boots performed as expected the whole time. Note that this is a women’s boot, worn by a teenage girl, so part of that performance means they looked good too. Clearly, Ahnu gets it.

Even after we got home, I still see my daughter putting these boots on for work, as they are just that comfortable. Don’t take our word for it though, you can check out the other reviews at for more of the same. If the Sugarpine Air Mesh in Dahlia is not your color of choice, you’ll also find their other options, such as Vallarta Blue, Viridian Green, Dark Blue, Dark Citron, Astral Aura, and Dark Grey.

– Brian (with plenty of help from Miss Outsider)



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