Sun Tripper Cap from Sunday Afternoons

Sun Tripper hat from Sunday Afternoons
Sun Tripper hat from Sunday Afternoons

When I first saw the Sun Tripper Cap at Outdoor Retailer, I almost didn’t stop. But something about the Sunday Afternoons booth made me think they were worth a look, and I’m glad I did take a few minutes to chat with them.

All the products sold by Sunday Afternoons have a minimum sun protective rating of UPF 40+, making them ideal for those of us that spend time outdoors. I also counted a total of 12 different technologies on their website, which makes for some performance headwear. And they have over 70 styles, with a variety of colors, making it easy to outfit the whole family.Their Sun Tripper that caught my eye is rated UPF 50+. It repels water, resists stains, weighs a mere 2.6 ounces, adjusts with a cord lock and bungee, and the unique clamshell brim allows you to fold it up and store it just about anywhere, including your back pocket.

Sun Tripper bungee cord lock
Sun Tripper bungee cord lock

The feature that really sealed the deal for me was the vents on either side that also allow you to carry your glasses on the hat. I wear glasses, and I’m a photographer. Since I prefer to use the diopter built into my camera, I can shoot without my glasses. Unless I have a shirt with a pocket, there is no place handy to store them while I’m shooting outdoors. The vents allow for that extra bit of security too, rather than just hoping they stay on.

My first test of the Sun Tripper was an early morning moose hunt (with a camera). Although we did not get any moose photos, we did see some mule deer. I set up my camera with a long lens, popped my glasses into the vents, and fired away. The brim is high enough to clear the camera, and deep enough to shade the sun once it starts to cross the sky. Being able to adjust the fit with one hand, without taking the hat off, was a nice bonus. Since then, I have worn it many times, and find the fit and comfort to be as close as I can get to no hat at all. Run it loose to stay extra cool, snug it back down if the wind picks up.

Sun Tripper folding brim design makes it easy to store, even in your pocket
Folding brim design makes it easy to store, even in your pocket

As with most products we review, I like to inspect it up close, to see how well it’s made. A look at the Sun Tripper reveals even stitching all along the outside, with a nicely embroidered logo too. Inside, the quality is equally high, with the only flaws in the stitching being at the edges of the brim, which looks like a hard spot to sew. Overall, it appears to be very well made, and worth the suggested retail of $26. I happen to like my review sample well enough that I will probably purchase another one of their hats, as they have a lot on offer, in a variety of styles for all weather conditions and occasions.

– Brian

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