Sven Can See Anti-Fog Spray Review

Sven Can See‘s Anti-Fog Spray makes fog-blindness a thing of the past. Recently, I was given an opportunity to test the new formula while out snowboarding on some fresh powder. Typically, when I am out boarding or fatbiking I will experience some fogging even with good goggles,. After applying some of SCS‘s formula, I didn‘t experience any fogging at all.

Anti-Fog Spray from Sven Can See
Anti-Fog Spray from Sven Can See

Applying was simple, I just sprayed a couple of squirts of the product and used the included cloth to wipe it. It was that easy.

Sven Can See uses a proprietary, alcohol-free formula. This means that there is virtually no odor, no alcohol (which is awesome) and no fumes. All great things when my eyes are so close to my lenses. While I have not tested it, Sven Can See also states that it is biodegradable. Of course the part that matters a lot to me about the formula is that it is safe for children. That‘s not an invitation to leave them unsupervised though.

Sven Can See
Andy can see, thanks to Sven Can See

I have tested this on both my sunglasses and goggles. Both have worked well and without any adverse effects to my polarized lenses.

While the product works great, I do feel that the packaging could have been better designed. The applicator is roughly the size of a felt marker, which is a great size. Also, there’s a clip like a pen so I can clip it inside a pocket too. However, there is no place within the applicator to store the wiping cloth. That means I have to manage both, and find a clean place to store the cloth when not in use. It would be nice if they had included a little space at the bottom of it with a cap to stow the cloth when not in use.

That little critique aside, Sven Can See does exactly what I‘d expect.  Even in the worst of weather, it keeps my goggles from fogging up and makes my colder adventures more enjoyable and safe.

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