Sven Can See – For Clear Lenses

If there was a contest for unusual products names, Sven Can See might just win. Or at least place. If there was a contest for products to clean your goggles and glasses, and keep them fog and frost-free, Sven Can See would do equally well there too.

At Outdoor Retailer this winter, I was given a brief demo of their Lens Cleaner, and Anti-Fog/Anti-Frost Gel, then given some samples to take home and try. As a photographer, I’m more than a bit fussy about not just my camera lenses, but also the ones in my glasses and goggles. I like clean glass. I see the world through my glasses, and photograph the world through my lenses. Smudges, fingerprints, and condensation are the enemy. So this was the kind of product I could test thoroughly.

Sven Can See in 10mL spray bottles
Sven Can See in 10mL spray bottles

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Using these products is pretty simple. Spray the cleaner on, wipe off with a soft cloth, preferably one made for glasses. Once you have a clean lens, apply a small drop of the gel, and rub it all over the lens, on both sides. Let it dry for 10 minutes or so, then buff it clean. That will give you at least 8 hours of crystal clear vision, with no fog or frost buildup, when used under normal conditions, such as hiking, skiing, or bike riding. You do have to apply it daily, and more often if you are using it in water, such as swimming or diving, but the results are worth the effort.

Testing Sven Can see according to the directions produced the expected results – clear glasses and clear goggles. Writing secret messages on the bathroom mirror for your spouse is another fun way to demonstrate the effectiveness, but may not be the best way to use the product. While I used it mostly during freezing cold winter temps, it’s ideal for use all year long, so you can have clean, fog-free lenses whether you are playing outdoors during a spring rain storm, or in the heat of the summer. Note that there are all sorts of other applications where this product could be used as well. Their website shows a swimmer, which to me is an obvious use, but also someone using what looks like a grinder, while wearing a welding-style face shield. So it’s not just for outdoor playing, but has its place in some industrial setting too.

The only concern I had was that despite being okay for just about every kind of sport goggle or visor, Sven Can See Anti-Fog/Anti-Frost Gel is not recommended for use with prescription lenses. In the winter, I wear goggles over my glasses, so it’s not a huge issue, but it’s something worth mentioning. Other than that, it’s been a great product for me. The Lens Cleaner is fine for all lens types, including prescription lenses.

Pricing for the Sven Can See products is as follows: The Lens Cleaner is $11.25 for a 10mL spray bottle shaped like a fat pen, perfect for clipping inside a bag or backpack. For the same size Anti-Fog Spray Gel, it’s $10.95, which is good for about 50 applications. A full 30mL (one ounce) bottle of the Gel is $18.95, and at about 150 applications, should last quite some time.

For more info on the products, to read how the name Sven Can See came about, or to place an order, visit


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