Pointe Studio and Injinji Introduce New Grip Sock Line

Pointe Studio and Injinji are teaming up!  I enjoy Injinji sock liners while backpacking because they eliminate blisters for me. They have turned their attention to the yoga, pilates, and dance folks so you guys should take a look.  Check out the press release below. Leading sock brands team up to create essential sock line … Read more

Injinji – New Products, Website, and Showroom

Injinji makes innovative socks that perform great.  Injinji sock liners are a personal favorite of mine.  These guys are expanding their product lines both for men and women.  In addition to the new socks, they‘ve developed a new website and are adding a showroom.  Check out the press release below. Mark Injinji Launches New Website, … Read more

Injinji Toesocks Fight Blisters with Style

Toe socks may seem like a novelty but I‘ve found that them to be quite a bit more.  I began to realize that these socks were different because my shoes fit differently when I am wearing Injinji Toesocks.  Injinji says “the five-toe sleeve design allows your toes to splay naturally and align properly, enabling greater … Read more

Injinji Toesocks Outdoor 2.0 and Liners

Injinji Toesocks are those crazy socks that look like gloves made for your feet. Toe socks always seemed like a novelty to me and I never gave them a second thought, until I saw a YouTube video about Injinji Toesock liners and wool socks being this guy’s go-to system. As I was about to order some liners, Injinji … Read more