Santa Brought Me a Ruger 22 Charger

My new Ruger 22 Charger after a few modifications

Yeah, Santa brought me a Ruger 22 Charger. Granted, I had to ask, hand over my credit card, and it showed up after the holidays. But I’m calling it a gift from the fat man with the white beard. And if you’ve been following this site at all, you know that my firearms rarely stay … Read more

TandemKross Manticore X Lower

TandemKross Manticore X 10/22 Lower

The TandemKross Manticore X Lower for 10/22-pattern firearms is the first of its kind. It replaces a traditional stock or chassis, allowing 10/22 receivers to be mounted directly to the trigger group. From there, any standard AR-style grip can be added, and a rear rail section allows for buttstocks and braces to be attached as … Read more

CZ 457 Beginner’s Guide

CZ 457 Varmint MTR target rifle with match chamber

When the CZ 457 was released, it immediately became popular with past and new CZ rimfire series fans. Their 452 and 455 models were already known as solid choices for competition, hunting, and general rimfire fun. This was despite some very glaring real or perceived shortcomings, which CZ smartly addressed with the 457. So the … Read more

AXIL XCOR Digital Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Protection

AXIL XCOR Digital Bluetooth Wireless Hearing Protection

When my AXIL XCOR hearing protection arrived, I was pretty excited to try them out. They were not the first AXIL products I’ve tried, but certainly the most advanced. Completely wireless (no cord connecting them to each other) with Bluetooth and touch control. They offer very advanced hearing protection, with the benefit of Bluetooth audio … Read more

Boyds Stocks for Savage B Series Left-Hand Action Rifles

Boyds Stocks for Savage B Series Left-Hand Action Rifles

Although Savage rimfire rifles have an excellent reputation for accuracy and affordability, their polymer stocks leave a lot to be desired both aesthetically, and ergonomically. While it was easy enough to upgrade the right-hand actions, quality stock options for the left-hand actions were slim, even from the factory. Back at the end of September, Boyds … Read more

TandemKross Innovates Again with the Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22

TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22

The new Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22 pattern firearms is the latest innovation from TandemKross. This time, they’ve taken “Thinking outside the box” to a whole new level. Since 1964, there have been untold factory variations as well as aftermarket modifications and customizations to the platform. But nothing like this. Wood stocks gave way … Read more