The Tahoe Backpack Cooler From Granite Rocx

Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack

When we get a chance to review something new and different, we jump at it. And the Tahoe Backpack Cooler from Granite Rocx Outdoor Accessories is certainly new and different. This backpack doesn’t have a laptop sleeve. There’s no special padded pocket for your tablet or reader. It’s not really made to hold a couple days worth of camping gear either. Instead, it’s got plenty of room and multiple compartments, but it’s designed specifically to carry one or more chairs, and has a detachable 12 can cooler that’s insulated. Yes, this is the backpack for that New Year’s Day climb to watch the sun rise over the mountains. Or a walk down to the shore for a day of fishing. Inspiration for it came during a bike ride to the beach, so no doubt you could use it for that too. And if you’re more of an observer than participant, you’ll find it perfect for little league games and parades too.

Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack With 12 Can Cooler

With 35 liters of capacity, the Tahoe backpack has got all the room you need for most outings. On the front, there is an external bungee system, and a smaller compartment with open-top and zippered pockets for a bit of organization. The main compartment has room for lunch, a blanket, spare clothing, or whatever else you might need for your adventure. Next is the compartment for folding chairs. Long straps with buckles allow you to secure most chairs with ease. Got a chair that folds up more round than flat? No worries! At the bottom of the backpack are more straps, so you can carry it like you would a tent. Granite Rocx mentions that you could attach a tent as well. Or your yoga mat, beach towels, or similar shaped object. Rounding it out are mesh pockets on either side. At 9 liters, the detachable cooler has room for a dozen twelve ounce cans, or two large submarine sandwiches. Extra front and rear pockets, plus its own carrying strap, add to the versatility of both the cooler and backpack. Also note that the zippers all have pulls, and the stitching is even (an indicator of quality and pride in workmanship) with double stitching in key spots.

Granite Rocx Tahoe Backpack

Loaded up with lunch, an extra layer, and a folding chair, the Tahoe backpack felt light and comfortable once it was all adjusted. Padding on the hip belt is minimal, but even with a full payload of twelve cans on top of everything else, it was easy to get the weight distributed. On the shoulder straps, it’s the same story – not a lot of padding, but enough for the loads expected. And there’s even a handy phone pocket, although we feel it best to put your phone in airplane mode, ignore the outside world, and just use it to play some music. While we didn’t get a chance to test the Tahoe on an epic all day hike, it was still comfortable over several hours of use.

If the first thing you do when arriving at your destination is set up a tent and prepare to build a fire, this backpack is not for you. But if you plan on setting up a chair and relaxing with a cold drink or meal, the Tahoe has got your back. And with a current price of only $65, it’s affordable enough that you can pick up a couple.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: We received the Tahoe Backpack for free from Granite Rocx as coordinated by Deep Creek PR Outdoor Retailer Public Relations, in consideration for review publication.

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Pretty Cool Backpack!I saw this a few weeks ago and thought to myself that this would be pretty handy in the summer months, for those summertime outings.

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