TandemKross Innovates Again with the Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22

The new Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22 pattern firearms is the latest innovation from TandemKross. This time, they’ve taken “Thinking outside the box” to a whole new level. Since 1964, there have been untold factory variations as well as aftermarket modifications and customizations to the platform. But nothing like this. Wood stocks gave way to polymer or aluminum stocks and chassis systems in the quest for better performance, versatility, and reduced weight. These upgrades were incremental and hardly earth-shattering. With the Manticore X, TandemKross just changed everything.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

The backstory

From the beginning, the 10/22 has always housed the barreled action and trigger in a stock or a chassis. And by stock, I’m referring to the traditional wood or polymer form factor, extending from the forend to the buttstock. With chassis systems, we saw aluminum and polymer options, some of which used AR-style buttstocks, braces, and grips. Nearly endless options exist, and they run the gamut from very light to benchrest heavy. My own collection includes a rifle that comes in under 4 pounds, to one over 11 pounds. When it comes to chasing light weight, the most minimalist designs win. And that’s where the TandemKross Manticore X comes in.

Fewer parts equals less weight. So why not eliminate the stock or chassis altogether?

A hamburger without a bun. A taco without a shell. Both would be messy, that we can agree on. But what about a 10/22 with no stock or chassis? Turns out it can be done, and no, it’s not messy at all. TandemKross uses their Manticore Trigger Assembly as the basis for the $499.99 Manticore X. It’s kinda sorta like the Manticore X is the chassis. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, the CNC machined housing is lightweight and durable with a matte black anodized finish. It takes AR-pattern grips, with or without a beaver tail. At the back, there is a Picatinny rail to attach a stock or brace (Note: Please check on the legality of pistol braces, as we know that’s a moving target). And a barreled action just drops right into it, held in place by TandemKross KrossPins. Check out the photo below if that’s not registering.
Assembled TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
Assembled TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

Compatibility with fixed barrels and Takedowns

Traditionally, fixed barrel and Takedown models required their own furniture. Because the Manticore X is a trigger and “lower” in one, it doesn’t matter which barreled action you attach to it. I’m going to need to get my hands on one to see how compact I can make a Takedown. Rather than removing the barrel (and introducing potential zero shift), just split it at the trigger. Of course, this could mean that there’s no need to buy a Takedown if compact storage is your goal. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Assembled TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
Assembled TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

One trigger for several firearms

Another advantage of the Manticore X should be a reduction in parts, but not in the typical sense. Let’s say you have a 22 Charger and a couple of rifles. Whether you bought them complete or built them, you surely have a trigger for each. Well, now you can have one performance trigger to use across all of them. Yeah, if you’re the guy who keeps spare rifles and Chargers around for friends to shoot on range day, that may not work. But if you want to build a Charger and also a rifle, and don’t plan on shooting both at the same time, this could be a game-changer. Remove the stock, pop out the pins, and drop your Charger onto the Manticore X. Reverse the process to go back to a rifle. Quick and easy swaps.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

Other benefits

Lighter weight and the ability to store or transport the rifle in an easily disassembled state are obvious advantages for some users. Thanks to the grip and stock options, the potential to improve ergonomics exists as well. It also reduces the total parts count and makes maintenance easier. We probably all know a few enthusiasts who just want the newest and/or most interesting options out there. And this is definitely new and interesting.

TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

Other details, direct from TandemKross

The Manticore X comes fully assembled and ready to rock with all of the features of the original Manticore and more including:

Ultimate Trigger Kit: Our renowned 10/22® compatible trigger kit. The upgraded sear and hammer provide a smoothed sear interface, and the internal return spring is protected from the elements. A textured, flat-faced Victory Trigger Shoe offers increased control.

Trigger adjustability: Allows the user to fine-tune the pull weight from approximately 2.25 lbs to over 5 lbs and adjust over-travel.

Cornerstone Rotary Safety: An ambidextrous, short-throw rotary safety selector that replaces the typical push-button safety.

Bolt Keeper Extended Bolt Lock: Auto bolt release and enlarged actuation knob for simplified use.

Fireswitch Extended Magazine Release: Textured face and bi-directional actuation; push or pull to drop magazines.

Enlarged trigger guard: Supports large or gloved hands and features index points for ready position.

Direct stock/brace/sling mount: Integral picatinny mount for stocks, slings, or braces; rear picatinny mount can be installed for inline configuration or 12° downward pitch to customize stock angle based on user preference.

Integral QD rear sling mount: Swappable to left or right side per user preference.

KrossPin Storage: Integral retaining holes in the lower to store KrossPins and Shock Block Bolt Buffer when disassembled, allowing the pins to be securely stored and easily accessible for quick reassembly.

TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.
TandemKross Manticore X Lower for Ruger 10/22.

Options, and more options

The Manticore X Lower will be offered with the choice of black or red accessories. Customers will also be able to choose if they want just the lower to outfit with furniture they already own or if they want the full bundled package complete with the grip, folding picatinny buttstock, and M-Lok compatible forend. That forend is only compatible with fixed barrels, not Takedowns. The $59.99 M-LOK® Forend for Manticore X gives a solid, lightweight handguard that will accommodate a wide variety of accessories. Discounted accessory bundles will be available as a separate add-on that will allow customers to complete their fully upgraded build. The $199.99 PRO Bundle for Manticore X will include TandemKross’s M-LOK® Forend for Manticore X, $39.99 hiveGrip for AR-15, and $139.99 Folding Picatinny Buttstock by Rim/Edge. That’s a savings of $39.98 when bundled.

So what you do think? Would you get one? What application do you think you might want to use it for? Steel Challenge? Backpacking or bug-out? Space blaster?


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