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Tech4o offers electronics that help monitor your fitness to improve the quality of each workout, or just track your progress. They’re currently having a sale on some great watches with built-in pedometers or heart rate monitors, with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund. Check them out here. With the holidays just around the corner, it’s also a good time to introduce some of their newest items, which are packed with features and reasonably priced.

Tech4o‘s Discover watch is a GPS-enabled device designed for men and women that combines traditional sport watch features with state-of-the-art GPS navigation for creating and staying on course. This compact and lightweight GPS training watch is designed to capture and report detailed information about each workout, whether it be running, cycling, hiking or sailing. It uses high-quality GPS technology with exceptional signal strength to track and display distance covered and average speed over the entire workout, and also provides a smart lap function to auto map a route. The route traveled, as well as speed, distance, altitude, maximum and minimum heart rate, calorie burn, and other data are collected and viewable via Discover‘s customizable LED display for a quick and easy read.  The data is also recorded to an internal databank for tracking and statistics over time. After a workout, consumers can use the PC-compatible software that interfaces with Google Earth to upload their entire route and obtain more detailed information, including how fast they went over any given segment; then, they can download routes to plan their next workout.  MSRP: $199.99.


The Accelerator Pro and Pro Plus watches for men and women are designed for consumers who train hard and want to monitor and measure their heart rate regularly during workouts. They measure speed, distance, steps, calories burned, and feature date/day/time, countdown timer, 50-lap timer, etc. capability. They also include heart rate measurement functionality such as: current heart rate, HR zone alert, average/minimum/maximum HR, in-zone timer, save/view session and the ability to store 10 daily records. In addition, the Accelerator Pro Plus model adds a PC uplink for tracking and viewing one‘s personal progress. Retail: Accelerator Pro, $99.99; Accelerator Plus, $129.99.

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