365 days ago, I wrote my first post for this blog. I’ve managed to knock out another 224 since then, and mostly enjoyed it.

Over the course of the year, I’ve made a few changes to the look and content, but mostly stayed true to my original goal. And although I didn’t get nearly as many leads from the industry as I would have liked, I made a few new contacts at Interbike, so there’s hope. My interviews have been my biggest source of pride, and have certainly garnered the most comments. For that, I would like to extend a special thanks (again) to my friend Jock, as well as Dave Moulton, Tony Ellsworth, and Chris DeStefano from Chris King. I’d also like to thank everyone that has ever taken the time to read even just one post.

Looking forward, I plan on working harder in 2008 as an advocate for cyclists and cycling. We all have it in us to improve our world, and while I will do my part as the catalyst for change, I hope you will join me.

It’s been a good year for me and my family, as I hope it has been for all my readers, and all our members and sponsors over on BikeForums.net. Let’s make it an even better one in 2008.

Stay warm and safe tonight. If you drink, don’t drive or ride. Don’t let friends, loved ones, or even strangers drink and drive either. And if you are out, please keep your wits about you – not everyone will be as conscientious as they should be.

See you in 2008.



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