Texas State University Bobcat Bicycle Co-operative

Matt Akins, a senior at Texas State University, just sent over an email about the bike co-op he helped start at his school.

Matt writes:

“We have created an on-campus bicycle co-op for students at Texas State and members of the San Marcos community. The goals of the co-op include promoting bicycles as an alternate and primary form of transportation and recreation, to educate bicyclists about bike safety and bike mechanics, and work with university and city leaders in making Texas State and San Marcos more bicycle-friendly.

We will train volunteers about basic and advanced bike mechanics, and in turn, the volunteers will teach students and community members how to fix their own bike. Our shop will be open to anyone who wants to use the tools and parts. The program is entirely volunteer-based. Members are broken down into committees that include repair, inventory, marketing, acquisitions & donations, and rentals.

We have a temporary-permanent bike shop located at North & Vista streets, behind the Supple Science building.

After spring break, the shop will have regular hours, and once a week, we will set up in the Quad a portable work station to make basic repairs and promote the co-op.”

Cheers to Matt for not only promoting cycling, but for involving his community as well. If anyone wants to drop him a line, or has tools, bikes or time to donate, his email is bicycle@txstate.edu

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