Thank you!

It’s not often you’ll find someone being thankful for having to spend more money. But thanks to our increased readership, we’ve once again maxed out our bandwidth (which is why the site was down yesterday). We quickly arranged our fourth hosting upgrade in the past three years, and doubled our bandwidth yet again. Sure, it’s more money out of pocket, but it also points to the growth in popularity of the site. And we appreciate that.

So on behalf of the Industryoutsider staff, a hearty “THANK YOU” to our readers!

Oh, September is National Preparedness Month. Expect to see plenty of articles on gear for camping, outdoors, and your 72 hour kit. And we’ve got at least two giveaways. It’s going to be a great month.

– Brian and staff

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I’ve always enjoyed reading your site’s articles! Keep up the good work!

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