The BOSS Growler From Eco Vessel

Eco Vessel BOSS 64 Ounce Growler

Eco Vessel recently sent us their 64 ounce BOSS growler for review, and it did not disappoint. They added enough features that you’ll be reaching for the BOSS for more than just your next trip to the brewery.

Double wall stainless steel is probably the best way to go for keeping drinks hot or cold, but the BOSS takes that one step further with its TriMax® triple insulation technology. If heat and cold can’t transport across a vacuum between the inner and outer walls of a bottle very well, why not add another wall? Keeping drinks cold for up to 36 hours, or hot for up to 8 makes the BOSS pretty handy for tea, coffee, and a lot more. It’s not just for toting beer home from the pub.

Eco Vessel Boss Growler Top

Let’s start with the top. On other bottles, the top keeps your beverage in until you want to pour it out or drink. The BOSS has a clever top that does all you could ask, and then some. Unscrew the larger part, and it’s easy to fill with your favorite beverage, along with ice and whatever else you want. When it’s time to drink, there’s a smaller top which is just right for big swigs or refined pouring. (Pro tip: open the top slowly if your beer has been sloshing inside). And as long as you snug both tops down, you can forget about leaks. Eco Vessel even put a nice loop on the top, which is also a carry strap. Want more? Just inside is a stainless steel infuser. It extends about 4 inches into the BOSS, making it perfect for loose tea. For a more adult beverage, they suggest fresh fruit and some wine for a chilly 64 ounce sangria. Great for sharing this summer.

Eco Vessel BOSS Infuser

We came up with a little test for the BOSS to see if it would really keep our beverage cold for 36 hours. While it’s not like we have a lab or anything, we do have a digital thermometer that takes consistent readings. So we packed our BOSS full of ice water around 5:30 PM, and let it sit overnight. A reading was taken at 5:30 AM, before I went to work, and again that evening at 5:30 PM. Even after 24 hours, it had maintained a very cold 38 degrees. The next morning, at the 36 hour mark, it had only gone up to 40 degrees. Just for kicks, I checked it at 48 hours, and it was at 46 degrees, which is still chilly. It’s a safe bet that most people will drink whatever is in the BOSS before 24 hours are up, but if not, it will still be pretty cold. Note that this test was conducted indoors at a constant room temp of 70-74 degrees. Outdoor use, sun, and shade can affect your results, so store it wisely.

When we started this review, we saw the BOSS as another Father’s Day gift idea. But it’s actually a great idea for mom too. Whether it’s used for cold beer, hot coffee, tea, water, or whatever your beverage of choice is, the BOSS can handle it. Since it’s food grade stainless steel, there is no funky taste like you can get with plastics, and while it may dent if you drop it, it won’t break like glass. So my advice would be to buy a pair, because if you give one as a gift for Mother’s Day, it’s only fair that dad gets one too. And there are three colors to choose from at, so you could probably get one for yourself too.

– Brian

Just prior to publishing this review, we received notice of this special edition bottle from Eco Vessel. It would make a very thoughtful gift, in more ways than one. 

Eco Vessel Special Edition Love Nepal Bottle

Eco Vessel is partnering with the Padmasambhava Meditation Center to raise money for relief and rebuilding in Nepal after the disastrous earthquake that struck the country on April 25th.  This organization has zero administrative costs and has already funded 10,000 meals as well as critical medical supplies for remote villages.  This is a special designed Boulder 20oz bottle with the characters “Om Mani Padme Hung” in Tibetan scrip, the mantra of compassion. $17 dollars from every bottle sold will be donated directly to Nepal relief and rebuilding.

Please note that these bottles are being PRESOLD before being printed.  Expect delivery of any order the first week of June.

Thank you for helping us gather support for such a terrible tragedy.

Please click here to order your own Nepal bottle and support the people of this beautiful country!

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