The Cage Rocket – Nifty Storage Unit

Did I really use the word “nifty”? Yeah, I guess I did. But lacking a thesaurus, that was the best word I could come up with to describe the Cage Rocket.

I ran into Will Stiles at the Cage Rocket booth at this year’s Interbike. I’d seen his product online, and was curious to check them out in person. As a tandem owner, we’re always packing more goodies than we need, because we can. But a trunk bag isn’t always convenient, and neither is a little bag under the seat. So I thought I’d give it a look. Here’s the actual product photo:

Cage Rocket

It’s a simple design that does its job very well. No straps, no velcro, no reaching under your seat. Storage as close as your water bottle cage. The lid latches firmly, and there’s a thin layer of foam inside to keep it relatively rattle-free. It’s roomy and stays put in a standard wire cage. You can fit a phone, MP3 player, small camera, sunscreen, money, or some nutrition bars (jelly snakes for you Australians) in it with ease. If you’ve got the cage to spare, it’s a great idea. To top it off, it gets the double seal of approval for not only being made in the US, but it’s made by Goodwill Industries. “The Goodwill mission is to change lives by helping people with disabilities or disadvantages go to work.” How can you not get behind that?

If you’re a recreational cyclist, commuter, or just looking for handy on-bike storage, you owe it to yourself to check it out. I’m sure I’ll have to get another for our tandem when my wife steals mine.

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