The CamelBak® Better Bottle™

CamelBak’s Better Bottle™is a result of their continuous improvement of the water bottle, with each new version becoming incrementally better than the last. Fitting name.

With a capacity of 25oz, (.75L) this BPA-free bottle sports many features that  make it a top choice for hydration, whether at school, the office, the gym, or hitting the trail. There’s the Flip, Bite-N-Sip valve that keeps dirt and insects out. When closed, it’s protected by the integrated handle. That handle also makes it easy to carry as well as clip to your bag or pack. Simply pull the little tab to flip it open, then bite the soft rubber valve, and sip through the built-in straw. If you’re used to a cycling-style bottle, this takes some adjustment, as tipping it up generally results in nothing but air.

Unlike other bottles,  it’s spill-proof, regardless of the valve position. Note that spill-proof doesn’t mean leak-proof. Knock it over, and it’s not going to empty into your lap. But leave it on its side, and there’s a good chance it will slowly dribble a bit. Of course, since there are no moving parts in the valve itself, there’s nothing to break, less places for germs to hide and grow, and it’s easier to clean too. The Tritan construction means that it won’t impart any nasty flavors to your  water, and it can be produced in a variety of colors.

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Although the packaging states that it’s not for hot liquids or carbonated beverages, the CamelBak web site has some instructions (with warnings) about doing both. While we found this a bit contradictory, it would seem that neither is a good idea, but if you’re dead set on possibly scalding yourself or drinking a bunch of fizz, you could. There are bottles out there more suited to hot or carbonated drinks though, so save yourself some trouble and use this one for water.

For those that prefer to tip rather than sip, the straw can be removed too, although we find that to be somewhat awkward with the bite valve.  The bottle itself is sized to fit most cup holders, and is dishwasher safe (top rack only).  Speaking of cleaning, it’s important that bottles get washed regularly. We prefer to air dry as well, with the lid off.

Overall, this is another great bottle from CamelBak. The design and construction make it virtually indestructible, and with no parts to lose or break, it’s maintenance-free. Fill. Drink. Wash once in a while. Repeat.

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– Brian

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