The Five Dollar Emergency Stove That Fits In Your Pocket

Well, it almost fits in your pocket. We meant to share this during National Preparedness Month, but it got overlooked,  probably because it’s so small. The Emergency Stove from Esbit is a stamped piece of  electrolytic galvanized steel measuring 4.5″ x 3.5″ that can easily be folded into a small stove. It uses 1/2 oz (14g) solid fuel cubes that burn at about 1400 degrees, bringing a pint of water to boil in roughly eight minutes. When you’re done cooking, fold it flat and tuck it away.

For the MSRP of $4.99, you get the stove and three fuel cubes with a burn time of of 12-13 minutes each. While the stove itself may survive a limited number of folding/unfolding cycles, the cubes will probably last indefinitely with proper storage. They’re also perfect for starting a campfire (or your BBQ) and light easily with a match or lighter. You can even snuff them out and reuse them. And unlike gas canisters, they can be safely stored just about anywhere in your home or vehicle.

We found the stove to be sized just right for supporting small backpacking pots and pans. Although it’s not the best choice for regular use as a camp stove, it’s perfectly suited for emergency use, or just packing light on a tiny budget. An extra 12 pack of fuel cubes runs about $6, so for well under $15, you could equip your camp kit or emergency gear bag with over two hours of reliable heat for cooking or warmth. Click on either image to be taken to the Industrial Revolution website.

– Brian

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Bush Buddy

These little Esbit stoves are certainly compact and light weight. They’re good for real emergencies. However, they’re very temporary since using them with wood is not ideal. They are inexpensive and they work. There’s actually a lot of emergency stoves you can make yourself with cans that work really well and are just about free.


Agreed. A soup can or tuna can stove is virtually free, easy enough to make, and burns wood. But this folds flat for storage just about anywhere, while the solid fuel lights easily, and puts out a predictable amount of heat for a specific period of time.

Hard to beat that simplicity in an emergency.

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