The Nalini 2012 Summer Collection: Italian Design, Italian Style, Italian Made

More compression jerseys & bibshorts, innovative materials, convertible jackets, and stylish designs highlight the Italian maker’s newest Summer Collection

OXNARD, Calif. and CASTEL D’ARIO, Italy -The 2012 Nalini Summer Collection of cycling apparel showcases new compression jerseys and bibshorts -the Nalini Compression line — plus innovative “Quick-Burst” convertible jackets and jerseys, fabrics with ceramic fibers, fabrics from recycled plastic bottles, plus underwear, baselayers and accessories, announced Gianluca Caliari of Albabici.

The Nalini 2012 Summer Collection is imported to the U.S. exclusively by Albabici, based in Oxnard, Calif. ( All Nalini apparel is designed and manufactured 100 percent in Italy.

Nalini (a Moa Sport brand) has a 40-year tradition of outfitting the best bike racers in the world. For 2012, eight teams in the pro peleton -Cofidis, FDJ, Movistar, Sky, Robobank, Lampre, Astana, and Euskaltel Euskadi -will be pedaling in Nalini/Moa team apparel. It’s this experience equipping the best –and most demanding -riders in the world that provides Nalini with the know-how to craft the best cycling apparel for recreational riders and amateur racers alike.

Here’s a closer look at the best from the 2012 Nalini Summer Collection.

NALINI Jerseys and Jackets

Sixteen summer Nalini jerseys, vests, and jackets will be imported by Albabici. The jersey headliners, all short sleeve, include the Scutum, the Chiese, and the Panaro each featuring compression fabrics that improve muscle performance and inhibit lactate acid build up.

New for 2012 is the top-of-the-line Nalini Scutum Jersey, a model of simplicity and style. Available in simple Black or White, the Scutum is a tight-fitting, light-compression jersey made from a special Nalini Teflon-coated polyester fabric that is waterproof. The Scutum also features reflective trim, a breathable mesh insert, heat-taped sleeve cuffs, a full-length zip, and a bottom hem silicon gripper. MSRP: $310

Also new for 2012, the Nalini Chiese Jersey shows off another innovative Nalini fabric, Interpower. Interpower is a light-compression fabric that uses special fibers that reduce the contact points between garment and skin. This creates a micro-circulation of the air, avoiding the unpleasant feeling of a sticky fabric on humid skin. The Chiese offers smart construction features as well: anatomical fit, back pockets, and a bottom hem silicon gripper. Available in Black, White or Red. MSRP: $158

The Panaro Jersey-back by popular demand – features Nalini Compression Technology, which delivers what Nalini calls “graduated muscle compression” for increased blood flow, reduced muscle pain after riding, faster lactic acid elimination, and greater endurance. The Panaro is made with two Nalini fabrics, the compression-inducing Revolution Energy, and Sunpaque, which employs fibers with a ceramic core that blocks UV rays from reaching the skin. In addition, the Panaro features a silicon gripper at the bottom, three back pockets, and reflective tape. Available in Black or White MSRP: $178

Two other new jerseys deserve mention. The Nalini Menkar and Acrab are both stylish, tight-fitting short-sleeve jerseys made with Nalini’s proven MantoDry fabric -ideal for warm summer days. The Menkar Jersey features three back pockets, mobile phone pocket, mesh insert, full-length zip, and reflective inserts. Graphically striking, the Menkar comes in Yellow, Red, Blue and White. MSRP: $204

Visually compelling with bold colors and Nalini graphics, the Acrab Jersey is another standout lightweight summer jersey made from MantoDry fabric. It features three back pockets, 40cm zip, bottom hem silicon gripper, and reflective inserts. Available in Black, Blue, Red and White. MSRP: $130

Cool summer days often require an early morning jacket. For these occasions, the Antares Jacket is the perfect solution. Medium weight and windproof, the Antares can be converted from jacket to short sleeve jersey -rather than a sleeveless vest -in an instant, thanks to Nalini’s Quick-Burst system. Other key features of the Antares include a ventilation system on the back yoke, anti-abrasive collar insert wind protection, mobile phone pocket, and bottom hem silicon gripper. Available in White, Yellow, Black and Red. MSRP: $330

For high-speed descents or an unexpected cool breeze, the Nalini Puma Vest is an ultra-lightweight, packable vest that is easily stuffed into a jersey pocket. Made of Pet polyester fabrics from recycled plastic bottles, the Puma features three rear pockets, breathable mesh back, reflective trim, and a full-zip. Available in Black or White. MSRP: $140

NALINI Bibshorts and Bibknickers

Topping Nalini’s 2012 bibshort offerings are the Apus and the Storno. The Apus Bibshort draws on Nalini’s 40-plus years of cycling experience to create arguably its best bibshort ever. Made from a special Teflon-coated LYCRA polyester, the Apus delivers a snug, light-compression fit, waterproof fabric, and the unrivaled comfort of Nalini’s proven PTN Natural Pad. Other features include breathable bib straps, reflective trim, and silicon leg grippers -plus Nalini’s made-in-Italy quality. The Apus is a top-quality bibshort for demanding, serious riders. It is the sidekick to the Scutum jersey. MSRP: $320

The Storno Bibshort is a medium-weight bib constructed from Nalini’s best fabrics: Sunpaque, with the ceramic core fibers for UV protection, and Xtra Life LYCRA Newport, with resistance to chlorine, compression, and lasting shape-retention. Silicon leg grippers and 3-needle stitching complete the package. MSRP: $226

Also back for 2012 is the popular Lambro Bibshort, the compression companion piece to the Panaro jersey. It features a tight fit, with silicon tape at the leg hem, reflective tape, plus the always-comfortable Nalini ECP Print pad. Contrasting 4-needle stitching adds strength and aesthetic accents. MSRP: $155

But wait, there’s more. Nalini also offers the award-winning Geranio Bibshort, recognized by Bicycling magazine in 2010 as the Best Bibshort Under $100. The lightweight Geranio features a cycling fit, mesh insert, and silicon leg grippers -and a choice between the PTN9 NAT and SGP pads. Available in Black, White, Red, and Blue. MSRP: $95.

NALINI Women’s Apparel

Nalini is keenly tuned in to the demands of women riders, too. The 2012 Nalini women’s collection features the same technology, quality construction, and head-turning style as do the men’s selections.

For 2012, Nalini is offering two new sensational pairs of women’s bibshorts -the Rodine and the Spina. The Rodine Bibshort is arguably the ultimate women’s bibshort, made with the innovative Fieldsensor® Moisture Management fabric that promotes moisture evaporation and Nalini’s woman-specific UNC Pad. Other Rodine highlights include a snug anatomical fit, 4-needle contrast stitching, breathable mesh back, high-tenacity fabric on crotch, and a detachable, adjustable center bib strap -rare in women’s bibs. For dedicated women cyclists, the Nalini Rodine is the perfect bibshort. Available in Black. MSRP: $250

The Spina Bibshort is noteworthy, too, as it combines performance and style with Nalini’s Xtra Life LYCRA Newport fabric. The lightweight Spina features a cycling fit, silicon leg grippers, and Nalini lady-specific HF Anatomic Pad. Available in Black. MSRP: $130.

For lady riders who prefer shorts, the Tortora Short is an excellent option. Using Fieldsensor®  Moisture Management fabric and the proven UCN Lady Pad, the Tortora delivers performance and comfort. The Tortora also features a tight anatomical fit, silicon leg grippers, 4-needle contrast stitching, and high-tenacity fabric on the crotch. Available in White or Black. MSRP: $105.

The Erida Body Suit is also a stunner, a one-piece short/sleeveless top that exudes Italian style and fit. It is extremely tight fitting, with silicon grippers, reflective trim, UCN Lady Pad, and 3-needle stitching. Available in Black, Blue or White, the Erida Body Suit is a head-turning piece for any female cyclist. MSRP: $250

Nalini’s lady jersey offerings are as impressive as well, including the fashionable and functional Gomeisa SS Jersey (MSRP: $150) and the attractive Aries Sleeveless Jersey. (MSRP: $110)

NALINI Accessories

In addition to bibshorts, shorts, jerseys and jackets, Nalini also offers a complete line of pro team replica gear, and accessories, including shoes, baselayers, underwear, gloves, socks, arm and leg warmers, shoe covers, and head covers.

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