Yakima gets off track

Not the company that makes the cool roof racks, but the city of Yakima, in Washington.They’re working on a plan to create and enforce an 8 MPH speed limit on city-owned park trails. The details indicate that violators could face up to 90 days in jail and a fine up to $250. I’m having a hard time imagining someone going to jail for riding a bike at 10 MPH.

And while I’m all for public safety, I have to wonder if this isn’t punishing a group for the actions of an individual. According to Parks Director Denise Nichols, the speed-limit proposal was inspired last fall by one cyclist who regularly rides on Kissel Park’s trail near 32nd and Mead avenues. Over the past two years, she received numerous complaints about the man from several people, but could do nothing about it since no law had been broken.

I guess it’s just easier to punish everyone than educate one person. This guy is not good for cycling’s image

According to the city officals, pedestrians should always be given the right of way, since they are the slowest moving of all park traffic. They didn’t mention anything about fines for the stroller-pushing moms that have their dogs on a 10 foot leash and their toddler on a 4 foot leash, taking up both the whole path in both directions. This is not a stereotype, it’s happened to me enough times that I consider this kind of inconsiderate behavior to be normal. Not acceptable, but normal.

I can only hope that common sense will prevail here, and they will put up some signs pointing out who yields to who. And maybe people will learn to show some courtesy towards one another.

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