The Pedalist From Virtue Cycles

Virtue Cyclist Kickstarts The Pedalist, their innovative front cargo tadpole tricycle available with enclosed shell and electric power

SAN DIEGO ‘” April, 2015 ‘” Keeping its commitment to integrating cycling into the everyday lifestyle, San Diego‘s Virtue Cycles has announced the Kickstarter program to fund the Virtue Pedalist, an innovative front cargo tadpole tricycle that features an enclosed shell and electric power. Kickstarter investors have the opportunity to “invest” in The Pedalist project, which made its exciting debut last September at Interbike in Las Vegas, at one of 11 levels ‘” from $10 to $8,199.

Investors can be among the first to own a Virtue Pedalist by providing funding at the following levels:

  • $2,995 Level ‘” Choice of The Pedalist in white or dark grey minus the factory electric power option. Investors will be able to configure their own specific e-Bike motor and battery set-up. MSRP $3,499. Only 30 are available.
  • $3,995 Level ‘” Choice of The Pedalist in white or dark grey with factory e-Bike motor and battery. MSRP $4,499. Only 25 are available.
  • $6,199 or more ‘” Choice of two Virtue Pedalists minus the factory electric power option and in your specific exterior color, with color sample provided by the investor. Only 10 are available.
  • $8,199 or more ‘” Choice of two Virtue Pedalists with factory e-Bike motor and battery, and in your specific exterior color, with color sample provided by the investor. Only 10 are available.
  • Virtue Pedalist Kickstarter is here ‘”
  • Virtue Pedalist Photo Gallery is here ‘”
  • Virtue Pedalist web site ‘”

“Many drivers would love to leave the car at home and commute by bicycle but often times they were discouraged by inclement weather,” said Virtue Cycles owner William Mulyadi. “Virtue Cycles decided to meet them half-way. The Pedalist‘s lightweight outer shell is designed to provide protection from wind-chill, sun and heat, and light rain, all while the rider can enjoy recreational cycling, running errands around town and commuting to work.”

At only 35-inches wide and 96-inches long, The Pedalist can go virtually anywhere a bicycle can travel, including within bicycle lanes, around campus, and even fit through most house or office doors. The Pedalist’s narrow body is agile enough to travel in between cars allowing easy navigation through automobile traffic using both standard car and bicycle lanes.

The Pedalist

Just like an e-Bike, no license and registration is required in most cities to own a Pedalist. Virtue Cycles will offer The Pedalist with a 750W electric motor & 48v 32A li-ion battery that will provide a range of 50+ miles per charge. The Pedalist features three cycling modes ‘” pure pedal, pedal assist (the electric motor multiplies your pedaling power) and full electric throttle, which is limited to 20 mph.  The Pedalist will also be available in a lower priced non-electric model, which will enable owners to configure it with the electric motor and battery suitable to their needs. The interior front cargo space is large enough to carry extra batteries to extend the The Pedalist‘s range as well as transport groceries, books and even a small child in a car seat. In addition, The Pedalist even provides a sitting space behind the cyclist to transport another passenger ‘” in style! The Pedalist‘s standard components include an internally geared 8-speed hub, magnesium wheels and powerful disc brakes.

Virtue Cycles has designed The Pedalist with the ultimate in visibility ‘” both from the cyclists‘ and automobile drivers‘ perspectives. With its 72- inch height, The Pedalist can see and be seen. “We wanted The Pedalist to offer the cyclist an extra measure of safety, that‘s why it has a dramatically higher visual line than most recumbent-based velomobiles, and actually provides the cyclist with a regular bike height riding position,” said Mulyadi.

Mulyadi pointed out that The Pedalist has a total footprint less than 1/3 of a typical car ‘” which technically has the potential to reduce traffic by 60 percent. According to 2013 Automobile Club of America (AAA) research, true car ownership in the US costs over $9,000 per year. The Pedalist can pay for itself in less than six months of the equivalent car-ownership expense, said Mulyadi. Virtue Pedalist owners also gain the health benefits of cycling while enjoying the riding experience and environmental benefits of less traffic and congestion.

A leader in providing solutions to cycling lifestyle challenges, Virtue Cycles innovative product lines also include the Virtue Gondoliere and Virtue Schoolbus for those with kids and cargo needs; Virtue Truck for those with groceries and deliveries; Virtue Seven & Curve for the stylish commuter; Virtue Campus for students; and the Virtue Ortho for those with back problems. For more information on The Pedalist, visit For more information on Virtue Cycles models, visit

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