The Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical

My last few range trips, I’ve been lugging my shooting gear in the Winchester range bag from Highland Tactical. As long as the weather cooperates, I shoot every weekend. We take friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers whenever possible too. Because most of our “guests” are new shooters, I bring plenty of extra gear. That includes at least four sets of ear pro and safety glasses. When I outgrew my last range bag, I started using my old camera bag. It was big, but not designed to accommodate the odd sizes of various pieces of shooting gear. So I started my search for a big duffel that would carry everything comfortably. The Winchester fit the bill, and they were kind enough to send me one to use and abuse.

Highland Tactical Winchester range bag dimensions and construction

At 22″ x 11.5″ x 10.5″, this bag has roughly 2,656 cubic inches of storage. That’s plenty for a day pack or overnight bag, and enough for an afternoon at the range. It’s got a large main compartment with a couple of mesh pockets on the back wall. On the outside, each end has a large zippered pocket. And the front has a wide but not overly deep pocket. Molle webbing runs across all the pockets, and there’s even a hook-and-loop panel for your ID or morale patch.

On top is a wide handle that’s well-reinforced by the compression straps that run across the top to the front. A detachable and adjustable shoulder strap is included as well.  Zippers all have a paracord pull, making them easy to use with gloves, in cold weather, or with wet hands. Double-stitching is found around the zippers and high-stress areas. Overall, it seems to be well-constructed, with attention paid to making it not just useful, but durable. Color options include Black, Dark Green/Olive Drab (shown), Coyote, and Black Urban Camo. I would have preferred the Coyote, since that’s what most of my gear looks like after some time in the dirt, but the green is fine too.

Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with AR22 for scale.
Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with AR22 for scale.


Having been in this business for well over a decade, I’m accustomed to manufacturers listing the full specs on their websites. And that includes materials. While Highland Tactical doesn’t provide specifics, the material itself was definitely chosen with durability in mind. It feels like at least 500D nylon, and has a lighter, but tighter weave inner layer. So, tough and water-resistant. Unbranded zippers don’t cause me too much concern either, as they are large and work smoothly.

Some quick math tells me manufacturing this same bag with a name-brand fabric, straps, buckles, and zippers would probably eat up half its $49.99 retail price in materials alone. And that’s not including labor. In other words, if you want to see that little ® next to the materials, you can expect to pay much more. At the same time, I’ve got 20-year-old bags of similar construction still kicking around. Which is why I’m not worried about long-term use when it comes to the Winchester.

Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with 1500+ rounds of rimfire and plenty of room to spare.
Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with 1500+ rounds of rimfire and plenty of room to spare.


The layout is pretty typical for a range bag or overnight duffel. Large and bulky items such as ammo boxes or pistols in rugs fit well in the large main compartment. Those side pockets can be used for ear and eye protection, magazines, and other gear. I use the large front pocket to store a small cleaning kit, tools, and rag.

This works well at the range. When we arrive, everyone grabs their ear and eyes first. Then we take out any pistols. My 10/22 and CZ 457 magazines are stored inside the mesh pockets, while the AR pattern, AI pattern, and 9mm magazines are stored in the side pocket. Heavy ammo boxes sit in the bottom of that main compartment and don’t come out until we’re ready to shoot. If I need to do a quick cleaning or adjustment, I have easy access via that big front pocket.

Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with my cleaning kit and tools in the front pocket.
Winchester Range Bag from Highland Tactical with my cleaning kit and tools in the front pocket.


I’m not big on shoulder straps, so the carry handle has to be well-made. In this case, it’s multiple pieces of strapping, with the edges folded over and stitched. It’s wide enough to be comfortable, with enough thickness that it doesn’t dig into my hand. This makes it perfectly fine for the short walk to my vehicle, while being easy enough to grab and lift. If I were using this as an overnight bag, with less weight, the strap would work in a pinch. But it’s certainly not something I would use otherwise.

User impressions

Overall, the Winchester appears to be well-made. It’s a durable, and affordable option for anyone looking for a reasonably priced, high-capacity range bag. It has plenty of space for shooting gear and accessories, with multiple compartments for organization. While the shoulder strap isn’t ideal for me, especially over long distances, the carry handle is comfortable for short walks. If you’re looking for a no-frills, functional range bag at a good price, the Winchester from Highland Tactical deserves your consideration. Check it out at

As always, I’d like to thank Highland Tactical for providing their Winchester range bag for my testing and evaluation. It’s held up well so far, and if that changes, I’ll update my review. For now, it seems to be a solid value at $49.99.

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