Combat Textiles Grip for the CZ P10F

Combat Textiles offers a unique product for firearms. Unlike the rubberized or “sandpaper” style adhesive grips that are currently popular, they use 1000D Cordura. This material is durable, waterproof, and offers excellent grip without adding much width. It’s also very affordable, and easy to install at home. I recently installed the Combat Textiles grip on my CZ P10F, and found it to be one of the easier upgrades, while also being effective.

CZ P10F, prior to installation of the Combat Textiles Grip.
CZ P10F, prior to installation of the Combat Textiles Grip.

Combat Textiles Grips

  • These grips are cut from a sheet of 1000D Cordura. Cordura is known for exceptional durability and wear resistance. This is why you’ll find it in bags, backpacks, holsters, and even footwear. It’s tough stuff, and a 1000D Cordura grip is an ideal application for it.
  • 3M is an industry leader in adhesive technology. Their 3M 300LSE is pretty much impervious to temperature fluctuations as well as humidity. It’s even highly resistant to chemicals, including the oils found in gun lubes. In other words, it’s perfect for firearms use.
Combat Textiles Grip for the CZ P10F.
Combat Textiles Grip for the CZ P10F.

Performance and Functionality

  • Though the CZ P10F grip texture isn’t bad from the factory, I find it a bit more aggressive than necessary for a full-size pistol. While it’s quite welcome on the smaller C and S models, the CZ P10F has so little recoil, I like it better with the smooth Combat Textile Grip installed. It offers adequate grip without being grabby or abrasive. Full control is maintained, even though the grip is slightly subdued.
  • Combat Textiles mentions the “dry-to-the-touch feel” and that’s a bit difficult to describe. Cordura doesn’t absorb moisture, so even with wet hands, it still has a dry feel to it.
  • The waterproof CZ P10F grip actually feels somewhat grippier when wet. It’s like wetting your thumb to open one of those plastic bags in the produce section of your favorite grocery store. Sweat does not make it slicker, unlike the bare polymer.

Install of the Combat Textiles Grip for the CZ P10F

Combat Textiles breaks down the installation process into five steps, although the last one is optional.

1. Surface prep: Clean is the key! Wipe down the application area on the CZ P10F with an alcohol wipe and let it dry completely before application. I used a standard medical alcohol wipe. Wet-Naps from your favorite rib joint aren’t suitable.

2. To peel or not to peel: Decide whether to fully or partially remove the 3M adhesive liner from the grip based on your preference.  I found the CZ P10F grip adhesive to be very sticky, so I opted to peel a bit at a time.

3. Applying the Grip:  Note that alignment is crucial. You can reposition the grip within the first 20 minutes of application, but go slowly and try to get it right the first time. The less you have to remove and reapply it, the better the bond will be.

At this point, you’ll want to make sure the grip is correctly installed before moving on to the next step, as it’s going to be on there good after step 4.

4. Secure the Grip: With the grip now fully in place, apply some pressure, which will activate the adhesive. A hair dryer is helpful here. Most heat guns are probably too hot, but the low setting from a distance shouldn’t hurt. It only needs to be warm, not hot. While this provides the maximum adhesion, it also makes it very difficult to reposition.

5. Optional finishing touches: Should you end up with some loose threads, carefully singe the edges with a lighter or small torch. Be extremely cautious to avoid burning the fabric.

Combat Textiles Grip installed on the CZ P10F.
Combat Textiles Grip installed on the CZ P10F.

Range time

The Combat Textiles Grip took a moment to adjust to. It’s a unique texture, but very comfortable. I like that it adds only the tiniest amount of thickness to the grip. With the medium backstrap installed, I got the perfect fit. And in the cold Utah weather, I was able to maintain a firmer grip than I normally would, without having to grab so tightly on the textured polymer. To simulate the “sweaty hands” part of the test, I simply ran my strong hand under water and then tried the grip. As mentioned above, it did feel as though the grip was even more secure, leading to better confidence and control.


This is probably one of those products that can be a bit polarizing. Some will love it, some will hate it. The first question I got asked after installing the Combat Textiles Grip on my CZ P10F was if it was a giant bandaid. I can see that. I prefer FDE, or tan-colored (tactical peanut butter) firearms, when available. The coyote grips seem like a decent compromise. Other color options include black, OD Green, MultiCam, MultiCam black, Pencott Badlands, Pencott Sandstorm, Pencott GreenZone, Tiger Stripe in either green/black or desert, and A-TACs iX.

Holes along the front strap, and a long cut on the back strap add visual appeal, but also extra grip in these key areas. Though I did choose the “Aesthetics” section to mention these features, I think they are more functional than fashionable.


Grips with the sandpaper finish may be better suited for competition but are not ideal for carry. And the rubber grips have their own pros and cons. If they provide good grip when wet, they are also likely to snag on clothing, which isn’t great for carry. Not to mention the fact that they add more width than the Combat Textile Grips. I think that these provide a solid CZ P10F grip alternative with no drawbacks.

Let’s wrap this up with a gun pun

That was it. That was the pun. The Combat Textiles Grips are available for over 50 different handgun models, plus optics, weapon lights, and some rifle grips, stocks, and magazines. Prices range from $5.99 to $24.99, with handgun grips around the $19-$20 mark. They’re ideal for anyone looking to add a new and functional grip surface, and maybe even a little flair. If you’d like to see the full range of Combat Textile products, or order your own, head over to the Combat Textiles website.

As always, I’d like to thank Combat Textiles for providing their innovative grip for my testing and evaluation. They had also included a protective wrap for my Streamlight TLR-7A. That installation took a bit more patience, and I wasn’t happy with my results, so I’m including an image from Combat Textiles.

Combat Textiles Wrap installed on a Streamlight TLR 7A.
Combat Textiles Wrap installed on a Streamlight TLR 7A.


What are your thoughts? Have you tried the Combat Textiles products? Would you give them a try? Questions?

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