forums are here launched their new forums recently. They’ve taken a somewhat different approach than other sites in a couple of ways.

First, they’ve incorporated the forums into what was already an excellent resource for cyclists. Their site allows cyclists to search for shops, tours, gear, and even bike-friendly hotels and destinations. Now, users can click on a link from the home page that brings them to forums highlighting races, charity events, and more.

Building on this format, they’re inviting clubs, event organizers, and manufacturers to join the site and have their own sub-forum. Imagine that you have a club, a charity event, or a product range that you would like to promote. Instead of a static page for people to visit, or answering questions one email at a time, you could take advantage of the forums to have open discussions for anyone to see. This allows a more interactive approach, which can benefit small and large businesses and groups alike. Taking it a step further, not only are public forums available, but if a group wishes to have their own private forum just for their members, they can do that as well. And it’s all free – all they ask for in return is a link back to the site.

While it’s only new, it’s a clever concept that should serve the industry well in the long run.

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