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Yeah, I’m late. It quietly happened a few weeks ago, and I’m just mentioning it now.*

They’ve had a lot of success in the UK, and have decided to duplicate that success on their US site. After spending some time on the site, you will realize it’s quite a brilliant idea. They have already listed just about every (4,500 so far) US bike shop, and they’re all searchable by location. They are also in the process of getting every manufacturer under the sun to list their products on there. So not only will you be able to find a shop near you, or near your aunt that you visit every Thanksgiving, but once that shop upgrades their listing, you’ll be able to see and compare all the products and brands they carry. Look for product reviews in the future as well.

It will take a while to get everything all linked, but it promises to be an excellent resource for cyclists, whether road, MTB, BMX, or leisure. Check it out.

*Disclosure: I am affiliated with, and it’s a great site.

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