There’s a little Santa in all of us

I’m talking about this article.

Susan Runsvold got this crazy idea a few years ago to scrape up some cash and buy bikes to give away to underprivileged kids. The first year, she managed to give away a dozen bikes. This year, through her organization TurningWheels for Kids, she’s managed (with a bit of help) to give away 2,000 bikes.

Bicycles give these kids freedom to go places, and get some fresh air and exercise. More importantly, it gives them hope for the future and a chance to do things they only dreamed about. When I was a kid, my bike took me everywhere. And through the years, I was Evel Knievel, Bob Haro, and Greg Lemond. Every kid deserves to be able to dream a little.

Cheers to Susan for making holiday wishes come true.

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