These Shoes Ain‘t Made For Walkin’ – But Cleatskins Are

Super-stiff carbon fiber soles combined with hard plastic or metallic cleats and a large contact surface translates to maximum power transfer to the pedals.  What they also do quite well is make walking rather awkward, especially on hard, polished floors like you‘ll find at your local coffee stop or your favorite mid-ride convenience store.

Enter Cleatskins.  This product could literally save your butt, or at least save you some embarrassment.  Yes, there are other cleat covers on the market which merely slip onto your cleats.  Compared to these, however, Cleatskins ProBikeskins offer the unique advantage of staying on your shoe while you are pedaling.  No more trying to stuff two more things into your jersey pockets or worrying about losing one of the covers the next time you pull out a gel packet.  Aditionally, Cleatskins can stay on your shoes when you‘re not wearing them, so they are much harder to misplace than other cleat covers.

Prior to riding, a simple movement of the front rubber strap from the toe of your shoe to the heel exposes the cleat and has you ready to ride.  Pull the strap back to the toe at a rest-stop and you can walk much more easily and confidently.  Additionally, wearing Cleatskins over your cleats as you wait on your riding buddies to show up and during breaks helps protect your cleats from damage and wear.

 While walking, the Cleatskins provided confidence that I was not going to fall.  I even jumped several times without the slightest bit of slipping.  While riding, the Cleatskins stayed in place well and I never had any interference from the covers.  They in no way hindered clipping in or out of the pedals.  Also, they were not even noticeable as I would put my foot down at stops.

Cleatskins ProBikeskins come in a variety of colors and are specific to your pedal system ensuring a good fit.  With their low price and small size, they would make a good stocking stuffer for the cyclist on your list or a guilt-free present to yourself.  If you‘re a multisport athlete, Cleatskins also makes covers for other cleats.  Check out their website at for more information on their products and for ordering information.

– Alex

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