Enjoy Four Seasons Outdoors With Brazos Walking Sticks and Jacob Bromwell

Brazos Walking Sticks teams up with Jacob Bromwell’s Campfire cooking line

In order to build good traditions, outdoors, folks give gifts that are memorable, lasting and not seasonal; ones that can be used year round. Brazos Walking Sticks has teamed up with Jacob Bromwell and their Campfire cooking line to offer a four season camping experience.

Give a gift to hike in the snow? Yes and do it safely with Brazos Walking Sticks and Walking Canes. Campers should make sure they add one of the several spikes to cut through the ice. They will see nature in a whole new way. Then they can enjoy that cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate even more in front of the fire with Jacob Bromwell’s Campfire Cooking items, even a campfire on top of the snow.

The gift folks should give now should be one that they can use when the snow melts off and the flowers are peaking through and the trees are getting their leaves and blossoms back. In planning an upcoming Spring camping trip, they can consider versatile walking tools, and create a memory by engraving a family name or club logo on to it. And they can eat in style, in the rough.

The great outdoors beckons the whole clan when the sun rises high. As one hiking expert, Philip Ferranti—author of Hiking! The Ultimate Natural Prescription for Health and Wellness—put it, “One of the most beneficial gifts parents can give to their children is the gift of the outdoors, a love of nature, and the skill of hiking. By trekking through nature together, a parent and child have the opportunity to become closer, bond in an enjoyable way, while sharing an activity that both enjoy.” And this applies to people’s friends, spouses and colleagues, knowing that walking and walking sticks go hand-in-hand, as well as effective campfire tools.

Summer for some is preparation for the changing of the leaves in autumn. Fall is a truly grand time of the year, as the weather freshens and calls each to experience the amazing changes in the forest…or even in the city park. Families can bring their walking sticks and walking canes into the gorgeous scenery, camping in the great outdoors with solid campfire gear.

Well known, prolific walker Colin Fletcher, author of The Complete Walker series, said of Walking Sticks, “…I unhesitatingly include [a walking staff] among the foundations of the house that travels on my back…I still take my staff along almost as automatically as I take my pack. It is a third leg to me—and much more besides.” See how much more with this key multipurpose piece of gear, the 11th Hiking Essential—the Walking Stick.

Ed Robertson of Massachusetts commented that, “Jacob Bromwell is one of those rare companies that still makes the same good familiar products that were used in American kitchens generations ago, and still makes them in the USA. The sifters, graters, colanders, and other items are all basic, traditional designs that many will remember from their youth. Best of all, they respond instantly to customer questions. Jacob Bromwell products may cost a little more, but you can be sure they will last for decades because, well, many of them have lasted for decades!”

Brazos Walking Sticks are Made in the USA, lovingly handcrafted by masters, giving the opportunity to offer a Lifetime Guarantee to customers. Whether a family is going camping, or one needs whole body physical therapy, or grandpa or grandma requires mobility support, or a collector is looking for memorable outfitter items, or someone is desiring green products that are practical, Brazos Walking Sticks is the gift of choice this season and all seasons.

Check out the many types of folks—from walkers for fitness to hikers to geocachers to baby boomers—to the Native Americans, the Irish, Scots, Welch, English, the Germans, the Asians, the Russians, the Middle Easterners and so many more ethnic folks who possess long heritages with Walking Sticks and Walking Canes—and many more—who use Brazos Walking Sticks effectively.

And now Brazos Walking Sticks has added a complementary product line for the avid, traditional camper: Jacob Bromwell Campfire cooking sets. Customers can savor that special food over a fire, after a long hike with a Brazos Walking Stick or Walking Cane, for example, the popular Original Popcorn Popper.

Prospects can check out Bargain Walking Sticks “30 to 50 percent off standard retail price” to One-of-a-Kind Collector Items.

Gift Certificates and Wish Lists are also available.

Give a genuine gift this season from, and for, the heart. Brazos Walking Sticks and Walking Canes go hand-in-hand with healthy walking, hiking, backpacking and trekking.

Brazos Walking Sticks offers the largest assortment of handcrafted wood walking sticks and walking canes in the world, with the Quality of American Craftsmanship™, giving customers The Feel of Nature™with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Jacob Bromwell creates the highest quality cooking, baking, and campfire products that American families have counted on to last generations, manufacturing everything from flour sifters, cheese graters, and frying pans, to buckets and popcorn poppers. Today, this all-American company is recognized as America’s Oldest Cookware™. All Jacob Bromwell products continue to be handcrafted in the USA and are backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Brazos Walking Sticks teams up with Jacob Bromwell’s Campfire cooking line.

Gift buyers can see some products firsthand and get the best retail price in the country. Brazos Walking Sticks will be at these Sam’s Clubs Special Events December 15th to 25th, 2011:

6453 Austin, TX
4938 Albuquerque, NM
8104 Little Rock, AR
6220 Slidel, LA
8293 Independence, MO
6335 Ocala, FL
8119 Pensacola, FL
8201 Bradenton, FL
6452 Asheville, NC

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