This pains me

An Aussie on holiday here in the US was struck and killed by a motorist in Florida.

It doesn’t appear that the motorist was at fault, according to the news article. The cyclist was crossing the highway with her husband, and as she got to the southbound lanes, looked left, then walked her bike into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

When I lived there, I remember rental vehicles with a sticker on the dash reminding drivers to “Keep left” and crosswalks in tourist areas that had signs or “Look left” painted right on the road. Obviously, neither of those approaches would have worked in this case, but it’s unfortunate that someone lost their life over something as trivial as which side of the road traffic travels on.

I’ve got no solution, it’s just sad.

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That really bites. I don’t believe I’ve thought about how automatic the direction you look for traffic is.

rudy and kay

We always make it a habit to look BOTH ways . . .
First look, left, then right and then left again.
So far so good.

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