Three bloggers walked into a bar last night…

So I met Fritz, from, as well as Tim “Masi guy” Jackson. Not actually at a bar though. Fritz was in the media center, uploading his photos, and Tim was working the Masi booth. Fritz just went mad with his camera. He’s already posted tons of cool product shots, but have a look at this shot of Tim:

Let’s call it the “indecisive moment”. I fared only slightly better. Unfortunately, modesty prevents me from linking to my photo on his blog. But I’m flattered that I appear on his blog. (I’m not so sure how Tim feels about being on mine though) It was cool to meet both of them, as we’re all overly-enthusiastic bike geeks.

Tim probably hates me now.

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Modesty is a good thing. Your Adonis-like qualities are so amazing, Brian, that most of your female readers would immediately swoon at the sight of you, and your male readers would all worship your god-like visage. The only reason I could withstand your presence is because I’m so amazingly good looking myself 😉

Tim Jackson

C’mon, guy… it’s all good. I’ve seen worse photos of me before… much worse. All in all, this one ain’t bad. Though it does look like I’m getting ready to suck the air out of the room.

Donna Tocci

Oh, this is vintage Masiguy! Look…even the arms are prepared for flailing, probably right after the picture was snapped. HA. 🙂

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