Time to dust off the site and start posting again

Things are slowly settling down around me, and the year’s half over. Time to start writing again. There’s that race going on in France, and even though local weather has been topping out with temps in the 90’s, folks are hitting the trails. On a personal note, Ms. IndustryOutsider is getting a new mountain bike this month. And she’s due to be surprised with a ring in the coming months as well. So life is good.

I’ve got a stack of stale press releases that have gone unpublished, but there are some product reviews that just need a final polish, and they’ll be posted. Might even take a few more companies up on their offer to test some bikes and gear before Interbike rolls around again.  And since the season is in full swing, look for some enlightening words about my favorite sites and companies for 2009.

It’s good to be back.

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