Timney CZ 457 Trigger Upgrade

A Timney CZ 457 trigger upgrade was pretty much inevitable for me. Last year, I picked up a 457 as I had read that it’s a fantastic platform as the base for a competition rifle. This is especially true with the improvements over the previous version, the 455. After upgrading the stock, I felt the trigger was lacking a bit. While the factory trigger offers plenty of adjustment and is one of the nicer factory rimfire triggers I’ve owned, I wanted something lighter. Much lighter. Timney offers an upgraded trigger for the CZ 457 with a pull weight as low as 10 ounces. No messing with springs, just drop it in and go. Since I had put a similar Timney trigger in another one of my rifles, I knew this would be the way to go.

Timney CZ 457 Trigger

Each Timney CZ 457 trigger is fully machined, with no stamped parts, and no MIM (metal injection molding) either. Doing so allows them to be held to very precise tolerances.  After machining, the sear and trigger shoe are heat-treated to 56 Rockwell. Then the sear is given an NP-3 coating for maximum lubricity, while the trigger gets a black oxide treatment. This ensures consistent and reliable performance over the lifetime of the trigger.  Robust construction is a hallmark of Timney, which is one of the reasons that they can offer their “No Hassle, Lifetime Warranty”. Their processes ensure a long life. and they back it up too.

Timney CZ 457 trigger.
Timney CZ 457 trigger.

Both curved and straight triggers are available, with pull weights set by Timney. When ordering, just specify whether you want a 10-ounce, one-pound, 1.5-pound, or two-pound pull weight. If you change your mind about the weight, don’t worry. The Timney CZ 457 trigger has a user-friendly design, so it’s adjustable for pull weight and over-travel. I really like that they will set up the trigger for you, with a handwritten note on the back of the package confirming the pull weight. It’s even signed by the person who set it up.


I’ve lost track of how many different triggers I have worked with over the year, but the easy ones always stay with me. And both CZ and Timney made this very easy. After verifying that my rifle was unloaded, it was a matter of removing the bolt, then separating the action from the stock. I located the single T-20 Torx screw holding the trigger in place, and removed it. Then I carefully removed one of the c-clips holding the cross pin in the back of the trigger pack, and pushed the pin out. As the trigger is lifted out, some parts may fall out of it. If that happens, collect them and put them in a bag or box. I label all my take-off parts in case I need to return a rifle to stock for any reason.

Factory CZ 457 trigger.
Factory CZ 457 trigger.

Installation is then as simple as bolting the new Timney trigger in place of the factory unit. Then push the cross-pin back in and replace the c-clip. At that point, all that’s left to do is tighten the Torx screw, insert the bolt, and do a function check. Pull weight is adjusted by turning the bottom screw. Clockwise increases pull weight, counter-clockwise reduces it. Turning the top screw adjusts over-travel: Counter-clockwise increases over-travel, and clockwise reduces it. Timney does a pretty good job of making sure it’s already set up, but individual preferences may vary.

Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.
Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.

How does it feel?

If you’ve ever had the perfect hamburger, with a very carefully selected slice of lettuce, then you’ll know how the Timney CZ 457 trigger feels. Because the right slice of lettuce can be felt when biting through the bun, before you get to the patty. It’s so crisp, it stands out from the cheese, pickles, bacon, jalapenos, and everything else. Yes, I was hungry when I wrote this. But the analogy is a good one. There may be a lot of other things going on when you shoot, but the trigger break just stands out. It’s crispier than crisp.

Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.
Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.

With the flat shoe and low weight, this trigger offers a wonderfully clean break. I don’t have a reliable way to measure the travel, but it’s not much. There’s no take-up and no creep. Acquire the target, and let your breathing settle in. Snap. A moment of silence as that little bullet travels at a leisurely pace to the steel target 150 yards away. Ping. Suppressed is indeed best. And a good trigger makes the experience even more enjoyable.

Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.
Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.

Is there a downside?

I have friends who don’t quite understand why a rimfire needs a suppressor, 25x scope, or a $192.99 trigger (Timney’s MSRP). So I let them shoot it. And then they understand. Of course, the next day they’re out shopping for their own precision rimfire too. But nearly $200 for a trigger means it’s not for everyone. If you’re competing, then it may be an easy decision. For enthusiasts who want to see how far they can push that little rimfire round, it’s also not a difficult choice. If you’re a casual plinker, it may not make so much sense. The CZ 457 is an accurate rifle, right out of the box. Which makes it somewhat difficult to justify upgrades. As someone with multiple Timney triggers, I find them worth the price.

CZ 457 Pro Varmint with the Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.
CZ 457 Pro Varmint with the Timney CZ 457 trigger installed.

Overall impressions of the Timney CZ 457 trigger

While I’m still trying different ammo, my 50-yard groups haven’t changed much. They are still mostly one (large-ish) ragged hole, marred by an infrequent flyer. It’s the longer shots where I have seen some improvement. I’m now more confident that I’m not going to let any errant trigger pulls ruin a good group or cause me to miss a tiny target. Because I’ve eliminated one more variable with this trigger upgrade. If everything else about your rifle, ammo, and technique is dialed in, then definitely consider an upgrade like this. A great trigger can make a big difference.

As always, I’d like to thank Timney Triggers for providing their CZ 457 trigger for my testing and evaluation. They’ve been making excellent triggers since 1946, and offer a wide range of triggers for long arms and pistols. Check them out at timneytriggers.com.

Have any of our readers tried this Timney? Thoughts? Comments?





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