Topo Athletic Laces Up For Speed And Rugged Trails

New ST and MT footwear models are extraordinarily lightweight and versatile

 Newton, Mass. -November 19, 2013 -Innovative footwear brand Topo Athletic announced today the addition of two new models to its expanding shoe portfolio: the Speed Trainer (ST) and Mountain Trainer (MT). The ST and MT models feature a traditional toe box, providing consumers with a wider selection of style and fit. It is an interesting design twist from a CEO known for marketing some of the most distinctive looking shoes in the business, including Topo Athletic‘s debut line that launched in July with a split-toe design.

“Athletes train in both urban and natural environments so it‘s important for us to offer lightweight versatile footwear that is rugged enough to be worn on the trail and the road,” said Tony Post, CEO of Topo Athletic. “Although we are encouraged by the positive reception our split-toe line received, we look forward to launching shoes like the ST and MT while still delivering on our core product values in shape, platform and lightweight construction.”

The split-toed ‘˜R series‘ continues to be Topo Athletic‘s deepest expression of amplified natural movement, but for those that prefer a more traditional look and feel, the ST and MT incorporate the trademark features of the original line that make Topo Athletic‘s shoes unique:

  • The “Y” shape fit: follows the natural shape of the foot -fitting snug and secure through the mid-foot and heel, but roomier in the toe box so the toes can spread and splay
  • Neutral drop and near neutral drop platforms: keep the feet on a level plane, which encourages a more natural body posture during exercise, and a mid-foot strike while running
  • Medium stack height (12-19 mm): provides more protection and shock absorption underfoot than what is found in a typical minimal shoe (4-10 mm), while still allowing the foot to gather feedback from the environment, and move more naturally
  • Weight: lightweight, breathable materials combined with high frequency welding for a seamless interior finish (to minimize chafing and blisters); 3-D printed upper patterns make the shoes light (between 5-8 oz), flexible, and soft on the foot

Features specific to the new ST and MT models include:

Speed Trainer (ST, MSRP $90): Specifically designed for speed training, tempo runs and racing:

  • Breathable mesh upper with 3-D polyurethane print detailing for flexibility and weight relief
  • Detachable 3 mm EVA antimicrobial footbed
  • Co-molded 3 mm rubber outsole / 7 mm EVA midsole (13 mm total stack height)
  • 4.9 oz (size W7) / 5.8 oz (size M8)

 Mountain Trainer (MT, MSRP $100): Incredibly versatile, the lightweight MT is designed for trail running and light hiking:

  • Rugged high-traction outsole provides stability and multi-directional traction over a variety of surfaces
  • A 2 density EVA midsole keeps athletes insulated from sharp rocks and roots without losing the necessary feedback and ground feel that is so important to balance and agility
  • A detachable 5 mm 2 density EVA footbed works in combination with the 2 density EVA midsole to deliver protection and comfort in a mid-stack 19 / 17 mm platform
  • Breathable mesh and 3-D polyurethane printed detailing for flexibility and weight relief
  • Variable width lacing closure delivers optimal fit for different instep heights

The Speed Trainer (ST) will be available online for preorder starting Tuesday, Nov. 19 -available for shipping and purchase in select retail stores on Dec. 1. The Mountain Trainer (MT) will launch exclusively with REI January (2014) and then to a wider retail distribution starting Feb. 1.

To learn more about the new models or request a holiday ‘13 / spring ‘14 catalogue, please contact: Linda Battaglia at

About Topo Athletic

Topo Athletic is an athletic gear company created for and by athletes. Topo products are built with humble innovation, an acknowledgement that the most impressive thing that will ever go into our products is the athlete. We are committed to the ongoing study of physiology, environments and emerging technologies that enable athletes to constantly improve their performance. Topo Athletic was founded in 2012, and is based in Newton, Mass. For more information, please visit

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