Trackies rejoice! News from Cane Creek

Cane Creek Renews Focus on Track Wheels
Patented wheel design is ideal for demands of track racing.

FLETCHER, N.C., Feb. 2, 2007 -Cane Creek Cycling Components is announcing plans to expand its line of acclaimed track wheels, a move that will improve the availability of high-performance aftermarket upgrades in the emerging track-racing market.

Cane Creek currently offers several wheelsets for track racing and will continue developing track-specific designs. The core configuration of Cane Creek‘s wheels’”spoke nipples positioned at the hub and tuned to a high spoke tension’”makes them ideal for the demands of track racing. Track riders rave about the acceleration and lateral stability they get from Cane Creek wheels. A recent review in Bicycling Magazine praised a pair of Cane Creek Aros 58 wheels as “among the quickest-accelerating track wheels our tester has ever ridden.”

Cane Creek‘s commitment to track aligns a well-suited performance product with the needs of a market that has traditionally been underserved. “Track is a serious market that hasn‘t been properly addressed before,” says Cane Creek President Brad Thorne. “We‘re a performance-driven company, and our years of experience have made clear that the Cane Creek wheel design is perfect for the track application.”

The unique patented design of these wheels is perfectly suited for track racers, since it enables Cane Creek to deliver stiffness and durability in a lightweight and ultra-responsive wheelset. The combination of these features is just the ticket for track racers who demand security and confidence when diving into turns, along with the ability to spin up quickly.

Cane Creek wheels are hand-built one at a time in North Carolina. “Hand-building may not be the most inexpensive way to make a wheel, but doing it this way means that our wheels ride straight and true for a long time,” says Thorne. “We can stand behind our wheels because we know the high quality that goes into them.”

Cane Creek currently has three track wheelsets as part of its wheel program. The carbon tubular Aros 58 is the premier track wheel, while the Volos, available in clincher or tubular, rounds out Cane Creek‘s current track program. Additional track wheelsets will be offered by the company in the fall of 2007.

Cane Creek Cycling Components

355 Cane Creek Road, Fletcher, NC 28732
800-234-2725 ‘¢ ‘¢

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Great, now they can focus on helping Asheville build a velodrome. They will need a local test track, right?

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