Treeline Outdoors: Turning SUVs Into Basecamps

Treeline Outdoors has totally changed my perception of a tent. When I was recently shopping for a bikepacking tent, I was looking at the smallest and lightest options I could find. After seeing the press release from Treeline Outdoors regarding their line of tents, I now want one that is big and relatively heavy. Why? Because it won‘t be going on my back or bike. The Jeep would be carrying this one for me.

Treeline Outdoors makes high-quality, roof-top tents made to turn your SUV into a basecamp. Not only is the tent carried on the roof, it sets up on the roof keeping you both off the ground and elevated from critters. And unlike hammocks or other suspended sleeping systems, the roof of your vehicle will still provide insulation.

Requiring only 37 inches of mounting bar to establish the tent base, these tents fit a variety of vehicles including the ever-popular Subaru. Treeline Outdoors claims that with minor modifications they should fit roofs with racks less than 37 inches wide, so if this is the case for you, contact Treeline Outdoors to discuss.

Treeline Outdoors

The rainflies on the Treeline Outdoors tents are made from tough Diamond Ripstop fabric. The tents are a heavy duty Poly Cotton that is both flame retardant and has a mold/mildew resistant coating. The tent is also supplied with a travel cover as the tent is made to stay on the roof for transportation. This frees up space inside your vehicle for other essentials.

Though tough, the Treeline Outdoors tents are not overly heavy. They weigh in at just under 100 pounds. This means they shouldn‘t be much of a burden on your fuel economy.

These tents are big on features such as a skylight in the rainfly, storage compartments, and a built in mattress. The awnings offer additional shade but can be rolled up to allow better views of the surroundings. Add the optional Annex and you have an enclosed floor space at ground level.

Check out these tents as well as Treeline Outdoors‘s other gear and apparel at

–Alex (Steak Sauce)

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