NYNE Bass – It’s All About That Bass

NYNE Bass in black

We received our NYNE Bass speaker right around the same time that Meghan Trainor’s bass-heavy “All About That Bass” was climbing that music charts. It’s a catchy tune, and thanks to my wife and daughter, has given this speaker a good workout.

In the past, we’ve reviewed plenty of Bluetooth speakers. We like how portable they are, since they allow you to bring your music with you just about anywhere outdoors. But the Bass from NYNE is in a class of its own. It weighs over 6.5 pounds, is 13.5 inches long, 7 inches deep, and 6.25 inches tall, so it’s not for backpacking. The reason for all that size and heft is the 20 watts of output, which is what produces something lacking in most other portable speakers – bass. And plenty of it. That’s not to say there’s no treble, but it’s clearly all about that bass.

NYNE Bass in white

Once we charged it with the AC adapter (which includes four different plugs, for charging around the world), we paired it with an Android phone, a quick and simple process. And even though it’s fair to expect a lot of volume from a speaker of this size, we were still impressed with the output. The bass is deep enough to render “Brass Monkey” from the Beastie Boys in all its old-school bumpin’ glory, while still offering clean highs. And the cowbell and horns in War’s “Lowrider” were distinct as well, but in the interest of fairness, we also gave Beethoven’s 5th Symphony in C Minor a play, and found that at higher frequencies, output was crisp.


NYNE has really done a great job with the Bass. All the controls on the top have nice big buttons, and are easy to use, plus there is a hidden carry handle in the back. And it’s very flexible too. Not only can it turn an outdoor gathering into a party, but the Bass offers enough volume to fill a large room or small apartment. Plug your TV or computer in for extra audio support while watching movies or playing video games. Take a call with the built-in speakerphone. You can even charge your phone or similar device with its USB output, but keep in mind that the battery is only 4400mAh, so that will cut into your 10 hour run time. This is one of those products that does a lot, does it well, and at a price that won’t cause much pain in the wallet. nyne.com

– Brian

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