USA Shooting‘s 2020 Vision: Industry & Community-Wide Support

On gun ranges across the country, athletes patiently execute shot after shot while chasing the same dream to represent their country and sport at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. It‘s a 2020 vision that unites beginning and veteran shooters alike and today we stand just two years away from a tremendous opportunity that awaits.

For some, that pursuit hasn‘t changed in three decades, and for 39-year-old Kim Rhode, she‘s as steady as she‘s ever been having amassed seven international victories since earning bronze in Rio de Janeiro. Her 2020 vision is the same as it was at her first Olympic Games back in 1996 and that‘s to outwork the competition, be calm in the face of great pressure and enjoy every part of this ride. She‘s already an Olympic legend having become the only summer Olympian EVER to earn six Olympic medals (three golds, one silver, two bronzes) in six consecutive Games. What‘s next?

“One of the things I‘m really looking forward to in Tokyo 2020 is the atmosphere, the traditions, the culture, and really just my teammates -the memories and comradery leading up to and through the Olympics. That‘s just something I‘ve found after going to six Olympics -each one is unique and so different. I can‘t wait to see what Tokyo brings.”

For others, it‘s all about translating vision into reality.  Every shot from here forth carries on new meaning. That precious Olympic invitation is open to all but earning it only comes after passing a gauntlet of personal and team tests.

Just as opportunity awaits the shooter, so does it await the entire shooting sports industry. How will the shooting industry rally around America‘s Shooting Team? Will it passively lie dormant until it‘s too late, until too little attention is paid to a shooting team, only then to react after it‘s too late.

The time to affect real change is now. America‘s Shooting Team is not funded by the government and we‘re in a desperate fight for medals against countries who are.

Right this very second, some 730 days away from the Opening Ceremony in Tokyo, is the time to declare Shooting as YOUR OLYMPIC SPORT. Donate money to USA Shooting any way you can right here:  Find a way to sponsor the team like companies such as Federal, ELEY, Beretta, Kimber, White Flyer, SKB Cases, Peltor Sport, Brazen Sports and Podium have. Create TV programming that showcases these athletes and dedicate storylines in your magazines, newsletters and social media to help tell the story of the America‘s Shooting Team.

By July 24, 2020 it will be far too late but let‘s work together beginning now to showcase these great athletes and our great sport.

The gold standard of marksmanship resides with the USA Shooting Team and their pursuit of Olympic and Paralympic medals. The tenets that have built the shooting sports into what it is today evoke passion, advocacy, nationalistic pride and tradition. There is no greater representative of those values for the shooting sports than the members of America‘s Shooting Team.  The USA Shooting Team carries on the proud tradition of medal-winning success and shooting skill, exemplifying the greatest defense possible for protecting, preserving and promoting the shooting sports legacy of this country.

None of us who participate in this sport got into the sport for glory.  We participate because of a deep-seated passion and love for it, no matter what discipline you shoot.  With that in mind, let‘s remind ourselves that we can‘t rely on anyone to tell that story any better than we can. Become the storyteller you think the sport deserves.  Help USA Shooting reach its 2020 Vision!

Support USA Shooting

  • Membership has its privileges so join today -1-year $40, 5-year $150, or thru the end of July become a lifetime for $500 or 50% off normal price.  Join now. . .
  • RoundUp for USA Shooting -Donate to USA Shooting Team athletes by using your credit card for every day purchases.
  • Buy merchandise to cheer on America’s Shooting Team
  • Participate in an upcoming National Sporting Clay Cup Fundraiser inNorth Carolina or California.
  • Contribute to the Lones Wigger Legacy Endowment
  • Donate to the Olympic Pistol Dreams Campaign to support Olympic pistol shooting.
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