New Zealand is a damn beautiful country, and the people I met on holiday there were just the nicest folks anywhere. That’s why I’m pleased to announce the Vorb Video Competition:

A horde of New Zealand’s most promising up-and-coming bike riders and film-makers have been flushed out of the woodwork for the 2008 Vorb Video Competition. Entries are judged on both rider skill and film-maker style giving both sides of the camera the opportunity to show the world what they’ve got.Current rankings for the entries can be seen here:

Voting by the public is underway with the top ten finalists from each category going on to be judged by well known riders and film-makers. Previous competitions have launched a number of riders and film-makers onto bigger and better projects including Dystomedia’s Tim Pierce and Chris Arnison makers of “How About It” (link: )

The top ten riders as voted by the public will be judged by a panel including 2 ex-world champs and an Olympian: Brett Frew, Cameron Cole, Gabby Malloy, James Dodds, Justin Leov, Paul Needham, Randy Spangler, Robyn Wong and Vanessa Quinn. The top three riders will score themselves $3,500 worth of SRAM bicycle components.

The top ten film-makers as voted by the public will be judged by a panel of top international and Kiwi film-makers and photographers: Ambrose Weingart (CKD/ Pist-n-Broke), Caleb Smith (Spoke Magazine), Chris Arnison (Dystomedia), Darcy Wittenburg (The Collective), Graeme Murray (Filtered Vision) and Toni Mundel (Drop In/ Rip TV). The top three film-makers will score themselves $3,500 worth of Canon camera gear from Hanafins camera chain.

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