February 19, 2024
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Antonius Momac


Great job giving up the skinny!!! I’m doing research on track frames since I want to get a track frame that fits and I want to make sure that if I buy new, that I’m going to get a bike I’ll really love, and that fits well. You’re write ups have been fantastic. I especially love this last one since I’m such a value oriented guy. I want good stuff, but I can’t afford to pay 2x more to save that last 3-10% in weight.

Like Snook says, its in the rotating masses that weight matters most. You get that with an Single Speed fixie and from what I’ve read, he puts together a very light pair of wheels 1750 gm for 150 USD. That’s nice.

Thank you again. I’m becoming a Wabi fan.



Thanks for the kind words. I have personally owned quite a few bikes, and have looked lustfully towards many more at bike shops and shows. But the Wabi is in a class by itself. Not only do you get a lot for your money, but it’s so good, that you would have to spend a small fortune to make any serious improvements to it. My advice would be to buy one, and the only upgrade you’ll need to make is some tires, once you wear the stock ones out.





Stumbled onto your blog while researching the Wabi Classic. I am new to cycling/bicycle commuting, and the roads in Houston, TX can be quite unforgiving. As a twenty-something, most people my age are riding obnoxious fixed gear bikes in ridiculous colors or cheap brands from bikesdirect they hardly ride—apart from my boyfriend who built up his Lotus from scratch. I can’t stand those. I just want something simple, clean, but sustainable and well-built. Apparently, this is a lot to ask, but the Wabi Classic seemed like a good fit.

I have been lingering on biting the bullet in regards to buying this bike for some time now, but your reviews were all the reassurance I needed. So, thank you! I will be buying a Wabi Classic very soon.



Chelsea, thanks for the feedback. You’d be hard pressed to find a better stock bike for the price.The quality of the ride and components is far better than expected. Let me know what you think when you get yours.

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